Mama Pauline and God’s Timing

Mama Pauline at Kitale Kenya orphanage

Mama Pauline, the matriarch of the Mudenyo family, founders of The Lord’s Ministries, and benefactor of the land that the Lord’s Servants orphanage sits on, went to be with the Lord last week.  I will not be able to do her justice with a brief blog entry but evidence of the influence her life had on others in a good way is plentiful. 

The orphanage and Liyavo Bible Church are on land donated by her family over 30 years ago.  Several of her sons became Pastors and many family members are active in ministry.  She was buried on her family’s land with her husband George, the founder of The Lord’s Ministries, and her celebration was attended by nearly 1500 people.  Mama was involved with and followed the lives of the orphans and often spoke encouragement to me to continue doing what God leads me with them.  She was loved by the community and will be missed.

Mama fought cancer and other health issues much longer than she was expected to and God called her home in His perfect timing.  I had just left Kenya unfortunately when she passed but Greg and his team was still there.  They had just finished the new dorm building but had not moved the children into it yet.  Most of the projects including water collection, grounds clean-up, electrical improvements, and new beds and furniture were also completed.  Everything looked great.  Approximately 100 people who traveled from out-of-town were able to sleep in the new dorm building (although many on the floor) and many others received hospitality.  All the guests passed through the orphanage and they all saw the work that God has been doing in a complete and impressive way.  This included many important people in local government and ministry as well as much of the community.  What great timing…A few weeks earlier or later and things would not have been perfect like it was for the orphanage to be able to serve Mama in her celebration.

Praise God for His blessings on us in the life of Mama Pauline and the work He gives us for the orphans and community.  I pray that many lives were touched and changed by God’s work in Mama’s life and celebration.  I pray that peace and purpose continue in her family and friends.

Container of goods held up…

A few months ago we were able to include about 40 boxes of goods in a container bound for Kitale by another non-profit ministry, Water Missions.  It is currently on administrative hold by customs in Mombasa and has for nearly a month.  We are also applying for a tax waiver for the goods because it is to supply an orphanage.  There are books, clothes, tools, toys, playground equipment, and many other things that were donated and brought together to send to The Lord’s Servants Home.  Please pray that this shipment is protected, kept whole, and released for delivery.

Guys in Kenya and traveling…

Greg and Spencer Perkins.
Leave the states on 12 July and arrive back on 31 July.
Mike Anderson.
He leaves the states on 16 July and arrives back on 31 July
Bobby Babson.
He leaves the states on 20 July and arrives back on 31 July

We ask God for safe travels, health so they can work, and direction to follow.

We ask for God’s peace for Pastor Ken and his family after their Grandfather passed to The Lord last week.

Mission Trip Goals, July 2012


Major Projects….Our focus has changed a little over the last few months and is listed below.  Funding help for these is a prayer.
1.  Finishing the new dorm and moving kids in is a reality during our visit.  This involves furnishings and details…
        *   Child beds and storage shelves.
        *   Library shelves and tables / chairs.
        *   Computer room desk with new computer and printer and internet connection.
        *   Final details such as water collection and landscaping.
        *   Preparations for bringing 20 more orphans into the home
2.  Water Well.  Project is delayed and being focused more toward a drilled well and larger scale project.  Investigation primarily this trip and planning for future implementation.
3.  Electrification and lighting of the grounds for security.  Electrification of the cooking process.
4.  Set up a bee keeping operation to benefit the farming community and provide honey and training opportunity for the orphanage. 
5.  Playground improvement with new swings, see-saws, slides, and merry-go-round.
Community and Evangelism
1.  On-site projects of community outreach and evangelism.
2.  Empower the church community nursery school.
3.  Provide and use a digital projector, stored media, and time to show Jesus Films and others in outreach support of the Liyavo (orphanage) Church and the Sarura Bible Church as well as others that opportunity is provided.

1.  Establish a computer at the home and a program to introduce the educational opportunities to the children.
2.  Establish a mentor program and micro-business opportunities to the youths.

Sponsor Relationship
1.  Further establish the Sponsorship Program with the kids on an official basis.
2.  An Introduction and communication method established with each child.

1.  Love on the kids and workers and bring the physical blessings we have accumulated, clothes, toys, etc.
2.  Crafts and fun times.
3.  Plan the actions needed for the next year.

New Dorm Building nearly finished

This twin of the original dorm building is only needing finishing touches.  The boys have begun moving into the building.  The tanks seen in front will be used to capture all the rain water from the roofs.  This building project will allow for us to house the boys and girls separately, add 20 more children, and establish the library, computer room, training room, and guest rooms.  We should see it completely finished in the next few weeks.