Babies, Kids, and Goliath, Post #4

Please pray for all our health, safety for the many workers around here, Holy Spirit led leadership here, and God’s guidance in some decisions we have coming up in the next few days.

Kids are kids but the toys sure have changed.  This boy made a car out of wire and bottle caps.  The most favorite toy without a ball at the orphanage is an old car tire.

Boy in the community with hand made toy car

Boy in the community with hand made toy car

The kids are really sweet.  We have enjoyed reading Bible stories…more like acting them out.  Here Brian (David) has slew Goliath (Tony).  The cheer from the kids must have been heard all over the community.

David and Goliath

Reaching out to the community with clean water…. The project is coming along really well (pun intended).

Reaching out to the community with clean water.  Well is in the background, community is behind the cameraman.

Reaching out to the community with clean water. Well is in the background, community is behind the cameraman.

More babies at the LSH.

Caroline (Caretaker), Carlos (Baby), and me (enjoying holding a baby)

Caroline (Caretaker), Carlos (Baby), and me (enjoying holding a baby)

Kittens in the woodpile

Kittens in the woodpile

Enjoy this video and song by Audio Adrenaline.  It is encouraging to me, right now especially.

We Hit Water!!!! Post #3

Imagine thinking about and praying for and working hard towards something, having setbacks and roadblocks, and finally giving in that it just won’t happen under your control.  Then it breaks loose and not only happens, but happens way faster than you can even keep up, cheaper than you planned, and more perfect than you designed.  That is us and the new water well project.

We hit water today after only drilling a few hours.  We were prepared to drill to 100 meters deep but in 40 meters, the drillers went through 2 aquifers and then hit a solid layer of quartz.  They drilled on some yet but will stop and set the pump at about 37 meters.   The water flow is excellent and the driller estimated it at 6000 liters per hour which is way more than we could deal with.  He exclaimed that after 300 wells drilled in his career, this is the best one he has done.  He was really excited.

We will be laying pipe tomorrow to hook the well into the tank setting atop the 15′ tank stand which will be finished tomorrow.  By the end of the week, we hope to have all plumbing done and water to the community distribution site.  We will need to have it tested and a chlorinator installed first before distribution to the people in the area.  I spoke with the local church Sunday and they will assist with that and make sure that people know it for what it is, provisions from God and human effort showing the love of Jesus in a practical way.

I’ve had a great day.  Praise God!

Lots going on.  Drilling, water flowing, tank stand in background being welded, trenches for piping.

Lots going on. Drilling, water flowing, tank stand in background being welded, trenches for piping.

My Buddy Nicole

My Buddy Nicole

Many new friends I met at Misanga Primary School.  They now know how to high five and play Simon Says.

Many new friends I met at Misanga Primary School. They now know how to high five and play Simon Says.

It is Tuesday night here in Kitale. We continue to enjoy our time here in the Lord’s Servants Home. Terri has been really connecting with a lot of the kids here during her time as the “teacher” for 25 preschoolers. They all want your attention, want to please and need as much love as one can give. Her biggest struggle has just been seeing so much need and feeling rather helpless. The spiritual and physical needs are tremendous. Terri also helps with the cooking each day. There is always a lot of chopping, peeling, cutting and dicing for dinner and supper. She has gotten to know the ladies that work in the kitchen and has made some quick friendships.

The highlight of the trip so far was when Terri and I were able to drive in to the hospital and visit the maternity ward where Dorothy (the caretaker) was having her first child. By the time we arrived, Dorothy had delivered the baby. We were in the waiting room hoping for a chance to see her. She had the baby a little after three and around five she walked out of the delivery area. We greeted her in the waiting area with her precious new daughter Stephanie. She was so tired and had to spend the night at the hospital so we visited, gave her a few small gifts and then left her there to spend time with her mother and other friends. The hospital is quite an experience but again there just isn’t time for that here. Mother and daughter are doing well and we thank the Lord for this wonderful gift.

I have started driving a little and am feeling fairly comfortable on the left side of the road while avoiding pedestrians by the thousands, bicycles and motorcycles by the hundreds, animals by the dozens, and various other challenges on the 25 minute drive into town. It is quite an experience and I’ll leave it at that……..

Tony and Terri

Drilling a well, got a baby, having fun. Post #2


Welcome Stephanie!

Here is and update…Dorothy, our Social Worker had her baby today.  I drove her to the Hospital at 2:00 am and Stephanie was born at about 3:00 pm Kenya time.  They are doing great.

Everything is going much better than anticipated.  Our new well drilling project is going miraculously and our spiritual time yesterday was great.  Here is an update by Tony Yoder and some photos….

  • Hello all,
  • Well, it has been a long two days. Yesterday was quite an adventure. I told Terri, we could have been on Amazing Race…..After a very nice stay at the Hampton House in Nairobi we got up and packed our bags.   We headed back to the Nairobi International Airport. Problem is we had a ticket from Nairobi Wilson Airport and not the International Airport. We didn’t realize they were at different places. When we checked in at the East Africa airlines counter they said “you are at the wrong airport and you’d better hurry. They ran out with us and hailed a cab. The lady babbled something to the driver that I didn’t understand, threw our bags in and away we went. Whatever she said, he was motivated. Almost as bad as a Q Cab from JFK to LGA when you offer a big tip to get to your ride home. Anyway, we made it by the thinnest of margins. They charged me through the nose for my overweight bags but I was not in much of a position to argue because they held the plane a few extra minutes since the International Airport had let them know we were coming. I told Terri, “its a good thing the pilot wasn’t me because I wouldn’t have waited on someone to stupid to know which airport they were flying from.” What fun!!!

We arrived in Kitale which is a very small airport. No lights or approaches the way it looked. The 1900 was barely able to turn around on the runway so it is pretty narrow. Bob and Greg did not meet us as planned because they were having their own adventure trying to rent a vehicle in another city then drive to Kitale. Two pastors and the driver came to get us in a small Toyota. They had hoped Bob would be there and when he wasn’t we just piled in and went. We put three of our five bags in the trunk then climbed into the car. Terri was in the front with a bag on top of her and three men including me were in the back seat along with our big suitcase. We looked like a bunch of clowns in a bug at the circus. That was quite a long 10 Km drive to the Orphanage. The last Km of road is horrible. I expected us to bottom out at any moment but we made it ok….

Since we arrived before Bob and Greg, we just made ourselves at home. Had a lot of fun with the kids and just got to know them all a little better. The people here have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome. We are so blessed. Bob and Greg finally arrived with a vehicle. It wasn’t the one we had hoped for and aside from having one headlight, being a little whimpy and missing a lug on each wheel, we will get along fine with it. Their adventure in getting this vehicle (such as it is) would take too long to tell here.

Plans for the water system are way ahead. The well drill is coming monday. We are going to start laying pipe and power lines as well as putting up the storage tank and stand on Monday. All I can say is when you get under that warm shower tonight, count your blessings. I spent many a night in Ecuador in places without running water but we always had a river to jump in and take a bath. Here you put in a long sweaty day and then take a bath from a basin. 

Today we put up playground equipment. We put up three swings and two slides. The kids stood in line for a long time to go down the slides and the swings have been going non stop. Terri has been working with the ladies and will be helping teach preschool through second grade next week. One of the teachers quit unexpectedly so this will be a good opportunity for her to help out. Terri gave the ladies the aprons that Mom made and they were so grateful. They said to make sure to thank mom. The girls are not allowed to have painted fingernails in school so Terri helped some of them paint their toenails today with the nail polish that Katlyn sent for them. I have had the boys helping me out with much of the work I am doing and we are having a good time with that. Tonight we hooked up the big screen TV that Bob brought. The kids are having movie night and watching “Jungle Book” and “Veggie Tales”. They are having a ball.

Thank you again to all who are praying for us. We appreciate the love and support that you all have shown us in this. 

Tony and Terri

Drill rig ready to start Tuesday morning
Building a 15' tall water tank stand.  Prtable welder, twisted rope clamps, and lots of manpower.

Building a 15′ tall water tank stand.  Portable welder, twisted rope clamps, and lots of manpower.

New hand made dresses for the girls

Building a water tank stand 15′ tall. portable welder, twisted rope clamps, lots of manpower.

Only 147 Million Orphans. 1st Blog from Kenya

I am reading a book called Orphanology by Tony Merida and he states that there are 147 Million children in the world who awaken each day not knowing who will care for them.  As I close my 1st full day at the  Lord’s Servants Home today, I praise God that there could be 147 Million and 56.  The 56 kids at the LSH know that someone is caring for them, values them, and wants them to succeed.  I am blessed to be part of that and out of well over 100 people helping with this ministry, I get to be one of the fortunate few to give a real hug and smile to the kids.

Everything is going very well.  It’s beautiful here and the kids are well.  Greg, Tony, and Terri are doing great.  We have a great start on our projects and we have had a great time with the kids.  Tony and I focused on the playground projects and got two plastic slides, swings, and teatherballs installed.  Big hits.  Greg and Terri have been awesome servants today.  Our water project is moving forward and we have hope of drilling a well this coming week.  We have supplies on hand already for installing an elevated tank and for other projects.  We hooked up the TV and DVD that we sent in the container months ago and the kids are watching Jungle Book now.  Every now and then I hear them cheering for something.  This morning we gave then some “Saturday morning cartoons” just like we all had.

I’m blessed here in Kenya!

PS.  I’ll download some photos tomorrow.