Academy Construction Update.

I find the construction process in different parts of the world interesting.  I’ll bring step by step updates on our LSA Building #1.

Progress update as of today.  The slab is finished.  After drying, the brick walls will start to be laid and the 4 classrooms framed.


Moisture barrier.  Under that is a rock/gravel/sand base and rock/concrete footers.

Moisture barrier. Under that is a rock/gravel/sand/steel mesh base and rock/concrete footers.

Making concrete

Making concrete

Pouring the floor.

Pouring the floor. wheelbarrow load at a time.

…one wheelbarrow load at a time.







New Stream of Hope Home Video

We put a video together to help tell the story better about the Stream of Hope Home in Nawantale, Uganda.  Click here to the video on YouTube.  I think this is just a beginning.  We have lot’s of work to do at this home but I am convinced that these children would have a desperate and dangerous future without God’s provisions and the service of everyone to this mission.  It is a great story just starting…

Welcome Deborah and Florence!!

We welcome two new children to our LSH family.  Debroah and Florence make 60 children now at the home which is our intended capacity.  Last year we expanded the home by constructing a new dorm building, separated the boys from the girls, and now have filled it with God’s children.  Praise the Lord!  These kids and several others still need sponsor families to pray for and connect with them.  Please check out them all here.

Deborah  Nasimiyu  was  was  born  on  Jan 15, 2008.  Her  father  was killed  by  robbers.  Her  mother  has  other  kids and no  stable  income, doing odd  jobs  for  survival  and living  in  a  rented  house.  Deborah  is  in  ECD   ie  Nursery Class.

Deborah Nasimiyu  DOB 15 Jan, 2008

Deborah Nasimiyu DOB 15 Jan, 2008

Florence   Nasimiyu  was  born  on  Nov. 24, 2005.  Her  father  died  of  asthma  this  year  and  due  to  the  family  state,  the  are Chief  asked  us  to  help  and at  least  take  care  of  one  kid  or  so.  Florence’s  mother  shares  1 acre of land with  the  late  husband’s  family  and  has  a  big  number  of  kids  to  take  care  of, including  3  from the  husband’s  previous  marriage.  Florence  is  in  class  two.

Florence Nasimiyu  DOB 24 Nov, 2005

Florence Nasimiyu DOB 24 Nov, 2005