Christmas in Africa….

The kids at The Lord’s Servants Home and at The Stream of Hope Home had a Christmas celebration because of Sponsors and generous people sharing with them.

We have provided clothing, a book, a trip to the Nature Park, and a special meal to the kids at LSH in Kenya for years.  They enjoyed it just as much this year….


The LSH gang getting ready for the Kitale Nature Conservancy (Park)


This is the first year that we have stood with the kids at SOH in Uganda in support and maybe the first Christmas celebration for many of them.  They got some new clothes, a fun day, and a really special meal with a soda.


New clothes..they love that.


Special meal and a soda!

Merry Christmas All!!!

Kids are Kids…

Friends at Basic Concepts, Inc., a manufacturer of spill containment systems, made us the heavy-duty welded collapsible vinyl wading pool.  We brought it to Kenya in August but it was until last month that the weather was good for them to use it.  Most of them have only stood in a bin of water to wash, never enough to swim or play in.  I can just picture the frenzy going on.  I am also humbled by the pure water that they now have in abundance because of the well that God provided in January.

Swimming at LSH

First time for them in any amount of water.