Update #3

Here’s a photo update of things going on here. Great weather. Great time.


Kathy and Annet (social worker) with the nursery kids on the newly fixed Merry go Round…Thanks Tom.


Noah after Bob pulled a baby tooth that was interfering with his new front lower teeth. Very brave.


Everyone got involved painting murals on the walls of the boy’s dorm. Corinne, Noah, and Dana shown.


Kathy “the Hugger and cookie pusher” with Sharon


Kathy and Casey with the making beaded bracelets.


Cute smile of the day…Noah


Thank God for little girls…Mary, Martha, and Debra


Lord’s Servants Academy kids gathering at the flagpole at the beginning of a school day. Photo taken from the Lord’s Servants Home playground.

Welcome to the LSH Margaret!

This week we welcomed Margaret Lemuya Ekidor to the Lord’s Servants Home. She is 7 years old and has been living with her Uncle’s family in Pastor Moses’s church district since she lost her Mother when she was 2 1/2. Her Father has been absent her whole life. Margaret is the 60th child at the Lord’s Servants home and fills the final spot.  I look forward to meeting her in a few weeks!

Margaret Lemuya Ekidor, 7

Margaret Lemuya Ekidor, 7