Christmas 2014 in Uganda and Kenya

Christmas is a special time at the SOH and LSH homes in Uganda and Kenya as well as where you are.   With the help of donations specifically for the Christmas fund the Directors, Pastor Paul and Pastor Moses, organize a celebration which includes a special meal, treats, clothes, trips, and gifts.  They all know that receiving the gift of God’s grace through Jesus Christ is what Christmas is about but special things make kids feel valued and is a very fun part of Christmas.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

The boys at the SOH home in Uganda got the best gift of all…a new home.  They moved out of the cramped rented quarters in the trading post onto the compound with the girls.  This 9 room building is one of the best for a dozen miles around.  Their walk to school is also a mile shorter each way.

All the SOH kids and their new clothes in front of the new Boys Dorm.

All the SOH kids and their new clothes in front of the new Boys Dorm.

The kids also had a special meal with goat meat and soda and gifts of new clothes and a new set of drums.  Singing and dancing is their favorite thing.

Look at that pile of food.  He will eat it all.

Look at that pile of food. He will eat it all.

The kids at LSH in Kenya got new clothes and a trip to a nature park.

Pretty smart Lydia!

Pretty smart!

Dancan in Denim

Dancan in Denim
















Picnic lunch


SOH Uganda Update New Boys Dorm nearly finished

Lacking only some internal painting…the boys will be moving in very shortly.  (The outside painting is finished but not shown in these photos).  The rooms for six boys each has louvered glass windows, bug screens, and ceilings.  This will be Heaven on earth for the boys who may have been on the streets and have been staying in a rented warehouse until this time.  Praise God.


IMG_20141121_115641 IMG_20141121_131456

Guest House at LSH Home

A very good problem has come up at The Lord’s Servants Home…..Many visitors wanting to serve the children and community.  A Kenyan law is also threatened to be enforced, further pressing this issue….visitors must sleep in a building separated from the children.  A single donor providing funds outside the operating budget and fundraising of Mission Servants helped us solve this challenge.

The old original, temporary (yet 40 year old) church structure was torn down and a Guest House constructed inside the LSH compound.  This building will allow more visitors to stay a longer period, even months.  It has 4 bedrooms, a kitchenette, great room, porch, indoor toilet, shower with hot water, a septic tank,and electricity.  It is very comfortable and can house up to 16 people.

In addition to a growing number of Mission Group trips (3 in 2014) several long term volunteers have spent as many as 4 months serving in the LS Academy, kids at LSH, and the nearby community.  We believe in God for this to continue as a blessing to the community and are thankful for the Guest House.

Pray about joining us on a trip!!!


Front of the house with porch.


Rear of the house with view of septic system (unfinished).


Luxury #1. Sink and flooring next to be installed.


Luxury #2. Shower stall. Sink and flooring to be next installed. Yes…it will have hot water.