PROJECT for 2015….. Building #2 for Lord’s Servants Academy

DSCN2260We are excited to see the need to expand The Lord’s Servants Academy.  It was founded to bless the community and is doing so.  We propose to build a 2nd building to expand from serving kids from Nursery to Grade 5 to up to Grade 7.

The Lord’s Servants Academy was founded in 2012 utilizing the dining hall of the Lord’s Servants Home.  The goal was not only to provide the children at the LSH with a better education but to provide the community around the orphanage with a quality and affordable opportunity to educate their children.  LSA Headmaster Moses is retired from 33 years teaching experience and is also Director of LSH and long-time Pastor of Sarura Bible Church.  Many volunteers and visitors from Europe and the US have served and taught special classes to augment studies and spark interest in new things.  We have 3 acres of land to work with for this and future expansions.

LSA Building #1
LSA Building #1

LSA currently provides classes Nursery through Grade 5 and over 100 children are served.  The other schooling options available to the community are A) a quality but very expensive private school roughly 1 mile away, B) 3 Government schools roughly 1 to 2 miles away that are inexpensive but crowded and very limited. C) a mission school that is not government approved and is very crowded and very basic in resources, and D) No schooling…sadly, this is a common choice out of necessity in this poor community called Lyavo.

Starting the day at the flag.
Starting the day at the flag.

LSA provides excellent facilities (comparable to the top private schools), professional teachers, class sizes under 30 children (compared to over 100 in some schools), uniform requirements, clean purified water, hot lunch, electric lights, and is government approved.  The cost to attend is about 1/3 of the cost between the government schools and the private schools, closer to the government schools.  It is a non-profit, Christian principled organization with a mission to the community.

Note the quality tables and chairs used to group students
Quality tables and chairs used to group students for creative teaching.  Blackboards and work materials provided.

The Need:    The LSA has grown yearly.  In 2015 the Grade 5 was added without an available classroom.  This forced Grade 1 to meet in a store room that was cleared for the purpose.  Grade 6 is planned for 2016, Grade 7 for 2017.  Also, the 4 room Bldg. #1 does not allow space for a teachers office.  A new 4 room Bldg. #2 will allow rooms for Grade 5, 6, 7, and teachers office.

The What:     Replicate Bldg. #1.  The design has abundant windows on both sides of the room, blackboards on both ends of the room, electric lighting, and modern seating and tables providing flexibility in teaching styles.

...playing soccer at recess.

…playing soccer at recess.

The Cost:      $45,000 which includes the structure, wiring, lighting, and furniture.

The Timing:  Complete by January, 2016 and available for the opening of school year 2016.

Operational Costs:  It is expected that operational costs such as salaries are self funded through fees and focused fund raising.