PROJECT FOR 2015…New Girls Dorm Building for Stream of Hope Home

In summary, this project is to construct a 10 room dorm building to house the current 23 girls and 3 female workers, with extra capacity to expand to 30 children.  This facility will be a copy of the dorm building completed for the boys in December of 2014.

The Stream of Hope Home compound near Nawantale, Uganda is an amazing story.  In 2008 Pastor Paul and a few friends recognized the needs of several orphaned children.  During the next 5 years, they gathered 46 children together, several critically ill, and housed them in rental houses and rooms, funding this completely on their own.

Condition we first saw in 2013.  20 boys sleep in this room

Condition we first saw in 2013. 20 boys sleep in this room

Eventually unable to properly care, clothe, feed, and educate the children, they reached a deep level of despair.  God intervened with a woman with a heart for Africa, Kathy Bailey.  Mission Servants Ministry was introduced in January of 2013.  Helping them simply to survive at first, land was found and purchased, a boys dorm built, a fresh water well drilled, solar power installed, latrines built, and a kitchen/dining hall facility built.  We have 3 acres of land, fully fenced and secured to work with.  The children enjoy safety, room to play, gardens, and hope.

All the SOH kids and their new clothes in front of the new Boys Dorm.

All the SOH kids and their new clothes in front of the new Boys Dorm.

SOH provides each child with excellent care in all areas, health care, nutrition, clothing, education, water, positive lifestyle, and a Christian environment.  They are provided tutors to enable them to excel in school, participate in chores and in being responsible, and enjoy being loved and valued.

Imagine the feeling of just now getting your own bed...

Imagine the feeling of just now getting your own bed…

SOH provides excellent facilities with a mission to the community.  The dining hall facility is also used as the SOH Church.  Pastor Paul has a heart for the community and is involved in helping people that had no other options.  Mission Servants Ministry visits the SOH Home 3 times per year.  Volunteers have provided the direction for the projects, loved the children, and sponsored outreaches to the community with medical assistance.

Current girls house....future office and guestt house.

Current girls house….future office and guest house.

The Need:    The 23 girls and 2 female workers are currently living in the small unfinished house that was on the site when it was purchased.  This was a temporary move, necessitated by urgent timing, until the sequence of planned projects progress to the point of constructing a dorm.

The small house, when vacant, will be finished and made into the office, Director’s dwelling, and guest house (Following project).






The What:     Replicate the boys dorm, placed adjacent to it.  The design has proven well and is refined from facilities that are in use at the LSH Home in Kenya.  Abundant screened windows, ceiling, electric lighting, shelf and cupboards, study and play room, and good bedding provide a positive atmosphere.

IMG_2070The Cost:      $50,000 which includes the structure, wiring, lighting, and furniture.

The Timing:  Complete within 4 months of funding.


Nice rooms

Nice rooms


Operational Costs:  provided through Mission Servants Ministries, primarily through the Child Sponsorship Program.  Each child has a single sponsor.  $40 per month per child plus other donations provide the full funding for SOH.