Trip 17, Update 1

imageOur sister Ngobi Diana was cured of her long term Sickle Cell illness and is with Jesus.  she has been in pain and in and out of the hospital for years.  She would have passed years ago without Pastor Paul and the loving care she got at Stream of Hope.   Never the less this is hard for us.  I am so grateful for God’s perfect timing to allow me to spend a few days with Diana and then with the rest of the kids during this time.  I met Diana 3 1/2 years ago and her illness, grace, and warmth bonded our hearts to these kids.  The community and family showed up 400 strong to Diana’s celebration.  It helped the kids.  Please pray for all of them.

this is the last photo I have with Diana…2nd from left.  I will always remember her with a smile.



Trip 16, Update 8, A Great Trip Finished

Team Uganda has all arrived back at home or back to Kenya.  They had a good 2 weeks with the kids who were out of school and got a lot of help from them with some projects…

Basketball court and the SOH Globetrotters….

Fenced in Chicken range and new roost, goal being to grow the flock for eggs and meat…Chicken Coup (3)

Shelter for outside gathering in the shade.  18′ x 18’….

New climbing wall and fort for the playground…unspecified6

New desk for Paul, new BBQ Grill for the Americans….

New generator to power the water well when the sun is not shining.  This will eliminate water shortages and allow the distribution to the community more regularly.Generator

Greg with one of his helpers…Kids building

The team enjoyed nightly visits to the community, praying for the sick and sharing about Jesus.  This was well received and influenced the high attendance for the Jesus Film showing.

Praising God!



Trip 16, Update 7, Good News

The Stream of Hope Home is beginning it’s 3rd year at the property purchased near Biasi, Uganda.  The community has seem amazing things happen, buildings going up, children given hope, church revivals, community service, and fresh water supplied.  These are all passive illustrations of the love of Jesus working in practical ways.  On this trip, the team has made active evangelism efforts into the community to tell people the “Good News”.  Their words have credibility due to the ministry’s loving actions.  Here are a few updates from Ed and Greg at SOH…….

Greg and the rest of the team did a nightly walking evangelism tour of the local families.  The area is rural and very depressed but they all heard of the Eternal Salvation which is only through Christ Jesus.  One woman was so grateful that she gave the team 3 live laying chickens.  Can you imagine being so grateful for the Gospel message of Salvation that you would give up part of your food source?  When I saw the chickens and heard the story I couldn’t help but think of the Widows’ Offering in Mark 12:43 – Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. (44) They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on”.  (The chickens will provide eggs for the kids)

Wednesday night we played the Jesus video (in the Lugandan language) which chronicles the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus.  Because of the outreach into the community, I counted over 150 people in attendance.  When the movie came to the part where Jesus was resurrected, the entire audience went wild with clapping and hollering.  After my initial astonishment, I teared’ up as I realized that they got it.

….on our witnessing yesterday we met a man that was dying and he believed he had been cursed by demons.  As he lay there naked in his own urine, we layed hands on him and prayed the demons away (Paul was not along so I had to lead the prayer, way out of my comfort zone).  I will go back to see the man today.  …..pray for this man.  He is dying and needs peace and a savior.


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Edinasi, Greg, Jon, and Nathan with one of the “gift” chickens.

Trip 16, Update 6, SOH Home


The team has been at the Stream of Hope Home this week and have been doing well.  Ed and Geri will be traveling back to the US tomorrow and Sandi back to Kenya for a few more weeks.  Nightly community walks and evangelism visits lead to a standing room only crowd to see the Jesus Film in Lugandan last night, shown in the SOH dining hall.  Greg reported that one woman was so happy that they visited and spoke to her about Jesus that she gave them 3 chickens for egg laying.  Please pray for travel mercy and for the community to be open.

Here are some photos of the open air shelter, new basketball court, and kids.



Trip #16 to Kenya and Uganda today.

A large team of 13 people including a Royal Canadian Mounted Policewoman, a couple from Iowa, and several from Charlotte, NC will meet first at the Lord’s Servants Home in Kenya and then Stream of Hope Home in Uganda.  This is Mission Servants Ministry’s largest and one of the most ambitious trips yet.

Half of the team will be focused on LSH and will host a 3 day Medical Clinic at the new LSA school building to serve an expected 500+ people from the community.  They also plan to build a bridge for the community over a muddy place on a main path, run water to the school, several smaller projects, and deliver a multi session Bible and craft class to the entire population of the LSA school, 120+ kids.

The team at SOH in Uganda will finish and open the new kitchen, build a playground shelter, install a generator to the well to improve water supply, and many smaller projects and activities for the kids.

The total trip will span the next 3 weeks except for one team member who will remain and serve for another month.  We will be bringing updates.  Please join us in praying for these people for safety, health, guidance, and opportunities to share Christ’s love.


Diana and her Christmas meal of chicken, chipati, potatoes, pasta, and soft drink.