Welcome to Mission Servants Ministry

Mission Servants Ministry is an organization established to provide tangible and relevant evidence of the Love of Jesus Christ in practical ways through service and focused projects in support of organizations serving the orphaned, poor, and stricken. We are a venue where people can join us by hands-on efforts, financial support, and prayer to make a difference. Jesus taught us in beautiful examples during his time on earth, ultimately with His death and resurrection, to be servants and to love our neighbors. God calls us to this purpose in conjunction with spreading the good news of redemption in Christ.

We help spread God’s word to ears that may be newly opened to hear through loving actions on various projects and service work for orphans, the poor, and the stricken.  Our goal is for individuals to be welcome in joining us in hands-on effective and tangible work, as a personal mission.

The Mission of MSM, See our video…

Over 95% of all contributions are funneled directly to the support of our funded ministries and projects.

We are project and goal oriented and believe in being effective and faithful as stewards of funds and efforts that God blesses us with.  Our projects yield results and a loud testimony to honor God.  MSM is involved in the following….

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