Trip 28 to Uganda and Kenya, Update 1

Launching Trip 26 today.  Greg, Randy, and I are headed for Uganda and next week Randal and Cheryl join us.  We have all been to Africa many times but we still are excited to get back.  In general we will be loving on the kids and people at Child Redeemed Mission Home in Uganda, the Teso Evangelism ministry in Malaba, Kenya, and the kids at Lord’s Servants Home in Kitale, Kenya.

I will post updates about how it is going….coming up, Swing Set for the Rock View Primary School, Teso evangelism training, visiting the kids at Lord’s Servants Home, VBS at Child Redeemed Mission Home, and a Medical Vision Outreach for the Bwase Community.

Your prayers and support are vital and appreciated!




New Kids to CRM

As the older kids at Child Redeemed Mission Home advance into High School (Boarding School) and move, it opens up room to bring in new children.  The District Child Officer recommends children from the area that are of Highest Vulnerability.  Six children with an urgent need to be put in the care of a Children’s Home for their protection were accepted recently to CRM.  They have begun school and are happily part of the family.


From left…Jane, Jehovah, Anastanzia, Damali, James, and Owen

Owen Kintu.  5 years old, Class P1. Father is dead, Mother in very poor living condition.

James Bagalya.  6 years old, Class P1. Comes from a very poor family with both parents of ill health, suffering from HIV AIDS and living in poor conditions.

Jane Kawuda.  9 years old, Class P1. Both parents dead. Twin to Damali.

Damali Babirye.  9 years old, Class P2. Both parents dead. Twin to Jane.

Jehova Kayundo.  12 years old, Class P3. Father is dead, Mother in very poor living condition.

Anastanzia Nantongo.  12 years old, Class P3. Father is dead, Mother in very poor living condition.

The health care, feeding, clothing, education, mentoring, spiritual food, and loving of kids at CRM is a blessing made 100% possibly through donations from individuals.  One means is monthly sponsorship of a child.  $50 per month covers much of the needs.  Please pray about joining us in this loving work.  I can be reached at

Trip 26 – Uganda, Update 6 Summary

I enjoy reviewing a trip, once home, and summarizing how it went compared to expectations.  It amazes me without fail how willing people are used by God to serve in a loving and tangible way.  Our goals were to…

  • Build a playground and finish the 4 room school building addition at Promise Primary.  See Update…Promise Primary opens and See Update 2
  • Make upgrades and repairs to Child Redeemed Mission Home.  See Update 1
  • Help prepare the kids to start the school year.  See Update…Back to School
  • Bring and distribute 10 bags of clothes and shoes…including soccer gear.
  • Visit the Teso ministry in Torroro, upgrade audio and video capabilities and encourage their training and evangelism efforts.
  • Interact with the community, church, schools, and families.  See Update 3

It was a successful and positive trip for all.   We use what the Holy Spirit gives each of us to serve which may include handyman skills, teaching talent, medical training, empathy for people and love for children, or just willingness to be there. (SHAMELESS PLUG…Pray about joining us on upcoming trips in August and January)

Here are a few project photos…..


New clothes lines and poles

Here are a few favorite photos….


Here are a few Teso Ministry photos…

(SHAMELESS PLUG 2…Pray about joining us on upcoming trips in August and January.  More of the same…projects, time with kids, sharing love with the community)




Trip 26 – Uganda…Promise Primary School expands and opens.

Last September MSM began funding a four room expansion of the classroom building at Promise Primary School serving the Nabwigulu community about 15 km from the CRM Home.  The expansion was needed to add the 6th and 7th grade classes and allow more children to register.  A fresh water well was dug and installed to serve the school in October.  During this trip a school necessity was installed….a playground! …. and rain gutters and 60 desks and 6 tables.

Promise Primary had 225 students last year and has opened the 2019 school year with 400 students registered.  Many of the additional 175 kids had not been attending school or were in poor learning situations.  The goal is to expand registration by another 50 students eventually, including families that can not pay the modest tuition as sponsorship funding is available.  The vision is to impact the community in a long term way….education.

Imagine such excitement over school…

Finished building….added rain gutters for the rainy season.

I love building playgrounds!

Desks………and water

Visiting teacher time