Trip 38 to Uganda and Back

We have returned home from a great trip to the Child Redeemed Mission Home, Promise Primary School, and Rock View Primary School. I’ll post more in the near future about bringing forth healthy abundant water from the ground, pushing back the darkness with power, funding projects beyond the reach of whole communities, enabled many small business to start and grow, encouraged and empowered a church and evangelism teams, and showed a lot of discarded and vulnerable children and people that they are valued. My personal prayer requests were mercifully filled and we were all blessed.

Here are a few photos of the best things that happened….Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Next Trip…#38, to Uganda, May 11

There is a lot going on at our served ministries, particularly at Promise Primary. We finished enclosing the compound in a fence for security, drilled a water well last month, currently constructing two Dormitory Buildings and a large water tank stand. Power will be wired into PPS for the first time after wiring over 1 km from town (in Uganda, you need to pay for the poles and wires). We will work to organize and complete these projects and leave the school with more class and dorm space, power, lights, and running treated water. The community will also have clean water access. There are a number of other projects at Child Redeemed Mission Home as well as just enjoying visiting those little Humans. As an engineer working in missions….this is really fun! Imagine the switch flip that ends darkness at night, and the valve turn that ends hours of work for dirty water. We will be the lucky ones to see that but give thanks to all who have supported MSM and praise to God!

Please pray for our provisions (these projects are costly) and for good weather (too much rain will be a problem).

Here are some current status photos…. Girls and Boys Dorms under construction.

Water well and tank stand with chlorinator under construction.

Power being installed at PPS…

Trip 37. Update 2…Bridge for School Kids

There was record flooding in the region around the Lord’s Servants Home (LSH) in Kenya in 2022. Two of the three bridges used to cross a creek and ravine from one side of the community to the other were made of wood and washed away. The 3rd bridge was constructed of steel and concrete in a joint project between Mission Servants Ministry (MSM) and the community in 2020 and had some repairable damage but survived well.

The community requested of the Mission Team and MSM to join in a project to build a durable steel and concrete bridge again to replace the ones washed away and allow school kids to safely reach the Bridgeway Hope Academy (BHA) on the grounds of LSH as well as general travel within the community. Meetings with the community leaders yielded a bridge design, budget, and commitment from dozens of people to participate in the construction. They attacked it with a passion and quickly completed the bridge which benefits all. Helping others help themselves is good help. Community projects that grow out of mission work is a great way to show more people the Love of Jesus Christ in a practical way. People will want to get to know that Jesus Christ as a start to a relationship.

MSM provided funding for all the materials. Pastor Ken provided the construction experience and leadership. The community provided the labor and food for those working.

The best projects start with a prayer!….

New Children Added to CRM

Adding new children to be cared for at the Child Redeemed Mission Home is such a blessing. As the kids that have grown up at CRM leave for High School and begin integrating more with their extended families, openings allow for new kids to join the CRM family. The regional Child Officer identifies vulnerable and endangered children and the staff vetts them, prays about them, and selects the children that will be cared for as family at CRM. In a tragic way, I describe the result for the children that are selected as “Winning the Kid Lottery”. Being loved, fed, kept healthy, sleep in a safe place, and sent to school….is a dream for so many kids. I wish there was room for hundreds.

Welcome to the five new CRM children to be loved and cared for. Our goal is to raise children to be healthy and productive members of their community, know how to love others, and have an opportunity to know and love our Savior Jesus Christ.

These kids are supported fully by prayers and donations to Mission Servants Ministry. Please contact us if you feel led to be more involved.

Mission Trip 37 – Kitale, Kenya. Update 1

Currently Team 37…. Tony, Eldon, Phyllis, Sherry, Raymond, and Pete are visiting the Lord Servants Home in Kitale, Kenya for over a week and serving the resident children, the Bridgeway Hope Academy Primary School, several affiliated churches, and the community of Lyavo. There are repairs being made to the facilities, sewing, Children’s Bible, and Pastor’s classes being taught. All High School and older children are being visited and accessed regarding how we can help get them started into a productive and independent adulthood. Community projects were initiated to upgrade a well with a hand pump at a school, repair a bridge, and replace one that was washed away during the historic flooding this past year.

Most importantly on these trips, we pray to be used by the Holy Spirit and that usually comes in an unexpected form. Unfortunately a young boy named Amos from the 8th grade at the Academy and a resident at the Lord’s Servants Home, fell sick, was taken to the hospital, and passed away in the first few days of the trip. Incredibly sad as this is…. God’s timing is perfect, Tony and the team where there at this specific time. They are there for the family, teachers, fellow students, and staff to help and pray for God’s peace in this time. Please join us in prayer.

Amos. Too soon.

Ray, Pete, Sherry, Phyllis, Eldon, and Tony.