Disaster Relief and Community Service

Working in an area where a disaster has struck suddenly is a special experience with God. Sharing a moment with someone who has had their life torn apart and their earthly belongings blown in the wind or soaked by muddy water is something that requires the Holy Spirit to help with. We have spent almost a month in Mississippi and Louisiana over 3 trips following Hurricane Katrina. God first called Bob to this while Katrina was still coming ashore and he made his first trip solo just a few days after the storm past. The experiences he had in that following 8 days and over the next two months are among the most profound and life changing of his life. A list of miracles that Bob witnessed while on this mission is proof beyond doubt that God is at work in our world and inviting us to join Him. We have provide support to the North Carolina Mens Baptists, Red Cross, and other Church based relief efforts as well as Charlotte, NC Community service efforts, especially with the homeless.

Katrina Memories (Published in the Charlotte Observer, Dec., ’05)

Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast three months ago last week, on Aug. 29. We asked readers and some staffers to write about the one they can’t forget about Katrina. Here’s what readers had to say. One note: We asked everyone to keep it to 150 words……

Setting off to help, trusting God Bob Hillebrand, Charlotte, NC

I loaded up my SUV with tools and my utility trailer with water, food, and baby supplies and drove south, alone. I had faith that God was at work in the aftermath, that He asked me to join Him, and that He would bring me to where He wanted me. I made it to a Red Cross shelter and spent the week hauling food, water, supplies, and medics to areas where people were just surviving. I remember the destruction and the smell of death, but most of all, how gracious people were, how generous the folks were in helping each other, how God was touching lives, and the times that a person who just lost everything mustered the faith to pray for God’s blessing on me as I was helping them. I will never forget how hard God was at work after Katrina and the blessing I had for joining Him.

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