Lord’s Servants Home – Kitale, Kenya

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The orphanage houses 60 children aged 4 to 18 years old, 30 boys and 30 girls in separate dorms.  The children are from diverse backgrounds, are fully cared for, and attend our Lord’s Servants Academy, a local non-government school, or boarding High Schools where they are doing very well. The home is professionally staffed and is operated efficiently to a mission statement.  The home also features a farm, playground, electric power, chlorinated well water, partnership with the LSA school, and partnership with The Liyavo Bible Church.

HISTORY:  The orphanage originally called the Crosspoint Hope Home was established in December 2005 by The Lord’s Ministries in western Kenya led by Pastor Jonathan Mudenyo and supported by a church in The Netherlands. It is located outside of Kitale, Kenya, a rural spot near the communities of Matisi and Liyavo.  I first visited Kenya with 3 friends in October of 2006, to see this

Some of the Kids in their Christmas clothes at LSH

Some of the Kids in their Christmas clothes at LSH

orphanage among other goals and just lost my heart to them. Kathy and I were led to assume financial responsibility for the orphanage as other support suddenly dropped out after our 2nd visit in June, 2007.  Mission Servants Ministry was then founded to organize and funnel support to the home which was renamed to The Lord’s Servants Home.

The Lord’s Ministries covers over 50 churches, the Bridgeway Academy, and the Orphanage and spans a vast area of Kenya and into Tanzania and Uganda. Several Pastors are involved in the orphanage.  Here is a brief history of how they came to start the Orphanage in the words of LSH Director, Pastor Moses….. “One of the main goals and vision that God has given us as a ministry is to reach out to the hurting world with the Word and acts of Compassion. God has clearly given us a ministry to the villages, to the fatherless and to the hurting. It was while we were ministering in various parts of the remote areas of the nation that we encountered many people who had no hope, and could only see hope in us. It’s from this perspective that we begun praying and believing God for an Orphanage, a house of hope for the children. This Vision came into fulfillment in Dec 2005 when we begun the Orphanage. Currently we have children who have benefited from this Orphanage, having come in at a time when they did not have hope and their health situation was very poor. Right now, we can boast of having healthy children who have had an opportunity to go to school, and enjoy 3 meals a day of balanced diet, medical check up/ screening regularly. Every one of the children had at least one parent who died from AIDS or other illness. AIDS and malaria are the most common killers. The children are all in good health. Every child attends good schools and has 3 meals a day. They speak English somewhat and they are learning it in school.” They seem to act like a big family. The older kids help the younger ones, they eat together, study together, and they all have some chores before and after school. Pastor Moses, a teacher, says “they are improving in school and some are doing exceptionally well.”  It is sobering how many children are on the streets or being neglected. It is estimated that in this region there are 10,000 orphans and only 1000 are safely in orphanages or private homes. The children at this home are blessed.  This is why we have expanded the home and number of children to 60 souls so we can do all we can.

HOW IT OPERATES:  The caretakers and Pastors there have warm hearts and love the Lord and are are doing the hard work every day.  Through their efforts and God’s blessings a real difference is being made in the lives of these children.  Today the Lord’s Servants Home is primarily funded by donations and individual child sponsorships through Mission Servants Ministries and other donors.


HOW YOUR SUPPORT HELPS:  Besides funding 100% of the living, clothing, health, administration, and education costs of the children and orphanage, several major capital improvements have been implemented to date including the acquisition of 3.5 acres of farm land, building a dining hall / Church center, installing electricity and solar power, drilling and installing a chlorinated water well, adding facilities, constructing a new dorm building, and a guest house for long term visitors.  During our annual trips we accomplish a list of improvements and spread as much love as we can to the children and community.  Find information on our trips, ongoing work in our blogs and newsletters, and a summary of our current and past projects here.

THE NEED:  The Lord’s Servants Home is named because it reflects the hearts of all the people who have envisioned, prayed for, built, and works at this home. It also describes our main purpose in life and my hope that we are not just saving children but feeding future servants of our Lord and the future hope of Kenya.

Mission Servant’s Ministry Goals toward The Lord’s Servants Home are:  To honor God in all our actions.  To provide professional management oversight and planning for long-term effectiveness. To provide funding to meet the short and long-term needs of the home and children. To provide an opportunity for the children to grow into Christian adults that can be a nucleus of positive cultural change. To make a positive impact on the community by showing Christ’s love in a practical way.

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