Next Trip

January, 2018.  Roughly 2-3 weeks

Team members: Bob Hillebrand, Greg Perkins, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD.

Non-Projects at CRM

  • Daily youth activities.
  • Evening boys and girls meetings with spiritual and practical focus.
  • Soccer tournament.
  • Focus on new children to acclimate and get to know.

Projects at CRM

  • Security lights covering the chickens. Extend 24 V power from the well area light pole, mount lights.
  • Install gutters on end of dorms near Dining Hall to eliminate damage to concrete.
  • Implement 3 more solar panels and batteries to upgrade capacity.
  • Build and implement clothes racks and hangars in all rooms.
  • Organize bulk food purchase and implement required storage ability.
  • More trees planted around compound.
  • Set up a sick room, supply, teach basic first aid and OTC medicine usage.
  • Build a greenhouse (potential).
  • Build a Merry go Round (potential).

Projects outside CRM

  • Medical outreach project for the Bwase community as a precursor to a permanent clinic (potential).
  • Add a powered pump, storage tank, and chlorinator to the well at Balowoli Primary School.
  • Assistance for Promise Primary School. Project TBD.
  • Assistance for Rock View School. Project to build desks, benches, and tables.
  • Assistance for Teso, solar panel and charge controller for Godfrey, more Treasure devices.
  • Visit LSH and assess.

Other Issues

  • Evaluate future of chicken project.
  • Welcome new kids, address physical living needs.



Please keep us in your prayers as we finalize our plans and work towards gathering provisions.