Trip 26 – Uganda, Update 4…..Back to school.

This was back to school week for kids in Uganda and the ones at Child Redeemed Mission Home approach it with a lot of enthusiasm….Shopping, supplies accumulation, prayer meetings, head shaving, making of fried crispy dough called Daddies (their version of snack chips).  6 existing High Schoolers were joined by 7 first year students and 32 elementary school aged kids started school.

CRM kids know that their future is why they are going to school and value the opportunity.  Sadly, even as I walk the kids to school, I pass dozens and dozens of kids working in the family gardens or just hanging out…not going to school.  A life in early years without hope for future opportunities is so sad.  CRM kids have the opportunity to have dreams and goals.  Praise God.

We purposely plan our January trips to coincide with the end of their holiday vacation and to be part of the going back to school time.  One transition we celebrate is from Primary School to High School.  We took the 7 new high schoolers to town for a nice lunch, chat about the future, Fatherly advice, and prayer.  That was a real treat for them….and then shopping in town for shoes and remaining needs for going to boarding school.





Trip 24 – LSH Home Kenya

Greg and I returned recently from visiting the Lord’s Servants Home (LSH) in Kitale, Kenya.  It has been some time since our last visit.  Our goals on this trip were to assess the effectiveness of the management, condition of the home, school, and children, and to fortify communications and objectives for the education and future of the Children that MSM has sponsored over the years.  We found everyone doing well and preparing to start Term III of this school year.  I specifically enjoyed meeting with the older kids who have finished High School and was encouraged with their progress….many of them are in college courses like Kenny in Nursing School and some working jobs, including Brenda who is now a teacher at the school.  Others are in the planning stages of taking steps toward their future education and profession.

The Lord’s Ministries (TLM) is the Kenyan ministry that operates the LSH and school.  Since our last visit, TLM has changed staff, assumed responsibility for operation funding, and has refocused on ministry objectives.  This was all evident and positive.


Ken and wife, Judith, Directors of LSH and school

The partnership status with TLM involves that MSM provide for school fees and school supplies while TLM provide all other support and funding such as salaries, food, medical, and utilities.  This trip was an unannounced visit and we verified that TLM has been acting in good faith to support the children in a healthy manner, operating the home and school as well as possible, and using the infrastructure in a responsible way.  MSM will continue with this partnership arrangement which focuses on…..

  • Assisting through funding the kids education in an accountable way.
  • Trips to assist with the repair of the buildings and assets used to care for the children.
  • Encourage and bless them in a Gospel way.

We supported these objectives on this trip by paying school fees, shopping for school supplies the older kids need, buying new mattresses and bedding, and making plans for an infrastructure and spiritual support trip in 2019.

Thank you for your support of MSM on behalf of these children.  It has made a difference in their lives.  Enjoy some current photos.



Christmas at the LSH

They certainly do celebrate Christmas at the Lord’s Servants Home!  The kid had a 3 week break from school through the end of December and spent it playing and getting extra tutoring in school subjects.  We bought extra study material and a story book for each child.  Just before Christmas everyone got a new outfit and play shirt which they really enjoy.  Last week, they all were taken to the Kitale Nature Conservancy for a fun day.  Christmas day was enjoyed with a special meal and treats.  This was all made possible with kindness from the LSH sponsors.

New Christmas Clothes

New Christmas Clothes

New Christmas clothes

New Christmas clothes

LSH Kids at the Kitale nature Conservancy

LSH Kids at the Kitale nature Conservancy

Picnic at the KNC

Picnic at the KNC

LSH Kids school progress 3rd trimester, 2012

We really believe that education is the only way the kids will be part of the solution of Kenya’s problems and have options in their own lives.  Education and prayer is the means to our goals of them arriving at adulthood being prepared to be productive and realize God’s purpose for their lives.

The year-end results can be viewed in the link below.  Many of the kids did really well, some exceptionally.  We are seeing some kids struggle and several needing to repeat grades.  A pattern exists that the kids coming from the government school, Misanga, are not being prepared adequately.  They may do well at Misanga up to the 3rd or 4th grade but struggle after being enrolled at the tougher Seed of Hope School for the higher grades.  We have employed 3 teachers to tutor the kids over Christmas break and will keep working with them.  We also hope to expand the Lord’s Servants Academy to 1st through 3rd grades so that we can prepare our youngest kids better.

All our kids work very hard at school and are thankful to be able to go.

Please check out the progress in the link below.

Children School Performance