Current Capitol Projects: Water Well and System, PPS

Water Well and System – Promise Primary School

This project is to provide a drilled water well system complete with an electric pump, 5,000 liter tank, tank stand for storage and  pressure, automatic controls, plumbing for delivery to the kitchen and latrines, plumbing to allow community access, a back-up generator for power outages, and a chlorinator system to treat the water for health reasons.  Included in this project is connection costs for wiring, poles, and meter to the Power Utility system.  This connection will also allow the future electrification of the whole compound.  This project will be a significant upgrade in independence and health over the hand dug well at PPS and the community shared hand pump well at the city center.  The benefits in increased health to the PPS students which commonly suffer from waterborne illnesses is immeasurable.  Our goal is to complete this by June, 2023.

There are roughly 550 students enrolled at PPS which is nearly full capacity.  It is common for Grade 7 students to board at school and recommended for grades 6 and 5 due to the increased focus on study.  By the next school year, 150 students will be boarding at PPS as well as the support staff and most of the teachers.  All of these people will have full time benefit of the clean water source as well as roughly 300 to 500 families within 1 km of PPS.  The nearest well to PPS is a hand pump well in the city center about 1 km away.  There is no water source in the region that is treated except one nominally in the larger city of Kamuli about 5 km away and that source has been suspected of several outbreaks of Typhoid and other sicknesses.

Full project estimated cost is $25,000.   Funding is needed.

Donations are welcome by Paypal using the above button (please add a memo identifying the project), Zelle using, or check to Mission Servants Ministry, 4550 Lochfoot Dr., Charlotte, NC  28278.  Thank you.

3/6/23 FUNDING LEVEL: 4% ($1,000)

23 Feb., 2023 Update: A site survey and Hydrologist report for potential drill sites was completed and highlighted two recommended locations to drill. See Report.

First and second site choices….

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