Open for Mission Teams

In 2018 alone so far, 3 mission teams spanning over 3 months in residence, visited CRM.  Visiting teams are very important to the children, community, and local management team.  It was decided to renovate the original family house that existed on the land that was purchased to build the Child Redeemed Home (CRM) in 2013 into the CRM Guest House.  Since it is not ideal to displace kids from their rooms in the dorms when mission teams visit, creating a guest house became a need.  This work was done with a separate donation and for less than $6,000. The building had been recently used for storage and some temporary stays as it had a leaky roof, dark interior, and unfinished walls which were havens for rats and bats.   Well, Thanking God, it is open for teams….join us at CRM for a visit.

The renovation was extensive as the roof was removed, walls heighten 15″, wall vents installed, some interior walls altered or moved, interior walls raised all the way to the roof, an exterior window and door installed, interior doors installed, new roof installed with some translucent panels for natural lighting, plastering inside and outside, and painting.  This yielded a layout with 4 private bedrooms, one which can function as a garage, a central meeting room, and an outside accessible utility room.  It is quiet, private, cool, well lit, and rodent free.  Next step, during the January trip, DC lighting and power will be installed.  Bedding, curtains, and furniture for the meeting room will be added soon.

Here is what it looked like previously…



Partner Project with Promise Primary School Building Addition…Update 2

Just in case you always wondered how school buildings are constructed in Uganda, I am blogging photos of the various steps.  In this update….the steel reinforced concrete “Ring Beam” and pillars have been cast at the door opening height on all walls.  This supports the balance of the walls and the roof.  Bricks have been laid on top of the Ring Beam to full height.  The door and window frames are also being constructed.  See the photos.  The next step is the roof trusses.

Partner Project with Promise Primary. School Building Addition…Update 1

The 4 room school building addition at Promise Primary is progressing on.  The walls have been laid to the height which defines the top of the doors and windows.  The next step is pouring the steel reinforced concrete “Ring Beam” layer that supports the weight of the walls above this point.  The pillars for the porch overhang are also being poured.  All of the balance of needed materials have been funded and are being accumulated on site.  This must be very exciting for the kids currently in school and community.  It is a prayer being answered before their eyes.  Here are some photos….




Partner Project with Promise Primary

The Promise Primary School is a private school founded in 2016 in the village of Nabwigulu, near Kamuli, Uganda.  Their goal is to provide a quality education in the community.  Please click on the link to learn more about them.  Mission Servants has been assisting Promise Primary since last year with the goal of helping them acquire the infrastructure to allow them to operate financially independently in 2019.

MSM assisted them with building a latrine in 2017 and have launched a project to build a 4 room school building addition last month.  This building in addition to their existing structures will provide…..

  • Separate classrooms for 3 levels of Nursery and 7 classes of primary.
  • Additional capacity to increase registration from 225 to 425 students.
  • Secure buildings for supplies and materials.

Funding has been provided by generous donations to MSM and all materials and labor are provided from the local community.  Construction will be complete in time for the 2019 school year opening in January.  See the progress so far in photos…



Greenhouse First Fruits

Two months after planting small plants that were seed grown at Child Redeemed Home in Uganda, the greenhouse is yielding the first fruits. Green Bell Peppers. Thanking God for this blessing, the first batch was offered in church and given to the poor. Besides the peppers, egg plants, tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables are growing and doing well. Without the greenhouse, planting can only begin about now, the start of the rainy season, and would be a few months away from first harvest.


First fruits