Child Redeemed Mission Home -Bwase, Uganda

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Mailing Address: Child Redeemed Mission Home, P.O. Box 46, Kamuli, Uganda

The Child Redeemed Mission Home (Formerly Stream of Hope Home for African Child) currently supports 59 children aged 5 to 19 years old.  39 children reside at the home and are in Primary School.  20 older children are boarding at High School, Trade Schools, or internships.

The children are from diverse backgrounds, are fully cared for, and attend excellent schools.  They all sadly have tragic beginnings to their lives.  Most are healthy but some have long term health issues that are cared for.  The home is located on 3+ acres of fenced and secured land in the Bwase community, roughly 120 km north of Jinja.  The facilities include: boys dorm, girls dorm, a kitchen/dining hall/church building, utility house, guard house, solar electric lights, chlorinated well drinking water, latrines, playground, and gardens.

Happy boys and their new dorm building at SOH

Happy boys and their new dorm building at SOH

The home is 100% funded and operated by partnership with the Mission Servants Ministry (MSM).  All home staff and professional service providers are local Ugandans.

HISTORY:  A local Pastor and his team were called to serve the people and children in Nawantale.  In 2008  they recognized the needs of several orphaned children.  During the next 5 years, they gathered 46 children together, several critically ill, and housed them in rental houses and rooms, funding this completely on their own.

Eventually unable to properly care, clothe, feed, and educate the children, they reached a deep level of despair.  God intervened with a woman with a heart for Africa, Kathy Condition we first saw in 2013.  20 boys sleep in this roomBailey.  Mission Servants Ministry was introduced.  In February, 2013, MSM visited the home in Nawantale and prayerfully agreed to take an active role in partnership with the SOHAC team, providing funding, communication, prayer, and operational advice.  School fees, supplies, clothing, and shoes were funded initially and in 2014 land was purchased, facilities built, and the children moved to their permanent home in the Bwase community a kilometer away (and nearer their school).  We have 3+ acres of land, fully fenced and secured to work with.  The children enjoy safety, room to play, gardens, and hope.IMG_1166

In 2017 a separation was made with the Director of SOHAC, new management installed, and the home renamed to Child Redeemed Mission Home.  It is thriving and ready for the addition of new children.

HOW YOUR SUPPORT HELPS:  Funding 100% of the living, clothing, health, administration, and education costs of the children and orphanage.  CRM provides each child with excellent care in all areas, health care, nutrition, clothing, education, water, positive lifestyle, and a Christian environment.  They are provided tutors to enable them to excel in school, participate in chores and in being responsible, and enjoy being loved and valued.

Mission Servant’s Ministry Goals toward The Child Redeemed Mission Home are:  To honor God in all our actions.  To provide professional management oversight and planning for long-term effectiveness. To provide funding to meet the short and long-term

Imagine the feeling of just now getting your own bed...

Imagine the feeling of just now getting your own bed…

needs of the home and children. To provide an opportunity for the children to grow into Christian adults that can be a nucleus of positive cultural change. To make a positive impact on the community by showing Christ’s love in a practical way.