LSH Staff

Be introduced to the Godly and loving staff at The Lord’s Servants Home.

Pastor Moses – Director LSH

Pastor Moses Wanyonyi is a teacher by training and has served as deputy Headmaster in public schools in nearby Sarura for several years.    He is Pastor of the Sarura Bible Church and board member of The Lord’s Ministries.  Moses has been involved with the orphanage from the beginning and is now the Director and Headmaster of the Lord’s Servants Academy.  His education and background shows in his nurturing and positive mentoring of the kids and staff.

Dorothy – Social Worker LSH

Dorothy has been with the LSH since 2009 and helps make the home a family home.  She is the child advocate and protector as Social Worker and a resident in the girls dorm.  She monitors and acts upon school grades and feedback for each child and monitors and effects physical and emotional health.  Dorothy works with each child with the goal to get them to adulthood being a productive and loving member of society.

Bonn, Caroline, and Mama Rose – Caretakers

Mama Rose, Bonn, and his wife Caroline have been with the LSH since conception in 2005.  Mama Rose lives near and is the Head Caretaker.  Bonn and Caroline have 4 boys of their own and are a resident in the boys dorm.  Mama Rose together with Bonn, Caroline, and some part-time workers, maintain the home, grounds, and cooking.  The LSH definitely would not be a home without them.

Pastor Ken - Lyavo Bible Church

Pastor Ken – Lyavo Bible Church

Pastor Ken is the spiritual leader of the children and leads the Lyavo Bible Church which meets in the LSH Dining Hall.  Ken and his wife Eunice and 6 children live nearby to the LSH grounds.  Pastor has a great gift for engaging the children and bringing the Bible alive to them.  Most of the children over 12 have received Christ and are baptised.