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Mission Servants Ministry is a Non-profit support organization to provide tangible and relevant evidence of the Love of Jesus Christ in a practical way.  We are a venue where people can join us by hands-on efforts, financial support, and prayer to make a difference in the physical situation of the lives of orphans, poor, struggling, and disaster stricken in the United States, Africa, and in the world.  We work primarily through and in support of existing Non-profit organizations but in a hands on way with full financial accountability.

We provide means to obtain and or improve education, health, and general living conditions.  We provide means to assist recovery efforts during disasters.  We provide information and awareness of situations where help is needed.

We are evangelical primarily by the witness of our service.  We support the work of evangelicals and missionaries by serving the basic practical needs of those God brings us to.  God calls us to join in this ongoing mission with Jesus in conjunction with spreading the good news of redemption in Christ.  We give all the praise, honor, and glory to God.


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