Founder’s History and Background

Bob and Kathy Hillebrand…..were stewards of Pinnacle Converting Equipment, a custom manufacturing machine, design and build company in Charlotte, NC. We know that we have been blessed since founding it in 1995 and ultimately selling it in 2014 with God leading us through many trials and showing us how to be a good example of Christian business people. Acknowledging God as our CEO has made all the difference in our lives.

Kathy came to Christ as a young girl, Bob gave his life to Jesus in 1997 at 37 years old after leading God on a chase with self-pride and poor priorities. Exploring the question “What am I on earth for and what does God want from me?” during a dark period in his life, led him to ask God to reveal Himself and answer his questions. “I realized that God had a purpose for me but after leading a life of self direction, although forgiven, God had to mold me a bit to fill that purpose. I opened myself to that and committed myself to where that may lead. I could fill pages about how I know that God is active in our lives and directing our willing souls. It hasn’t always been easy, I have the painful memory where once I received a dog bite on my backside as a reminder to pay attention. I have a very painful memory of a man dying in a house fire one night, on the same day that I lazily forgot to call on him after being led to by God’s direction. I have warming memories of dozens of times that I did something that I felt God directed me to do and He rewarded me with evidence beyond doubt that I was where and when He wanted me. Our work in Kenya and several experiences there are living examples.”

“I am a man who loves to learn, work hard, and experience an adventure. Kathy is a woman with passion and compassion and a God-given partner to me. Our children, Dana, Kimberly and her husband Steve, are jewels from heaven for us and very supportive. As a Christian, I am a work in progress and give all the praise and glory to God.”

“We founded Mission Servants Ministries after being led into hands on engagements with Disaster Relief, Projects, and Ministries that are focused on defending the defenseless.  As we communicate and share about these experiences with God at work, people are led to join us.  We only ask God for provisions and trust in Him to bring them.  MSM allows us to funnel contributions directly to accountable projects and Ministries.  God made us to be problem solvers and entrepreneurs and He blessed us with a way to serve with those gifts.”

Click to go to a short essay on Bob’s spiritual connection between their business, Pinnacle Converting Equipment and our walk with God. “Converting Process is like Life

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