Bridgeway Hope Academy (BHA) Mission Statement

Vision Statement:

Families living within 2 kilometers of the Lord’s Servants Home will have an opportunity to send their kids to a Christian school at affordable cost and receive an education at a high level.  We will focus on the youngest of children, Nursery to 7th class so as to help insure that these children get a firm start to their education careers and have opportunities in life.  The BHA will be a non-profit, self-supporting organization structured to make provisions for the needy in the community so that an education is not denied a child.  The BHA will be innovative and provide modern educational opportunities.  The environment will be safe, promote health, and provide a lunch and recreation.  The BHA will be a place that will be desirable to work and promote passion and excellence so as to attract quality teachers.

Mission Statement:

To provide a quality education stressing a foundation in fundamentals, work ethics, and effort to students in classes ranging from Nursery to 8th.

To provide a Christian values rooted organization.

To provide a Christian Biblical message and example to the students, families, and community.

To provide opportunities for all children in the community with provisions for orphans and families regardless of economic capability.