Trip 38 to Uganda and Back

We have returned home from a great trip to the Child Redeemed Mission Home, Promise Primary School, and Rock View Primary School. I’ll post more in the near future about bringing forth healthy abundant water from the ground, pushing back the darkness with power, funding projects beyond the reach of whole communities, enabled many small business to start and grow, encouraged and empowered a church and evangelism teams, and showed a lot of discarded and vulnerable children and people that they are valued. My personal prayer requests were mercifully filled and we were all blessed.

Here are a few photos of the best things that happened….Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Next Trip…#38, to Uganda, May 11

There is a lot going on at our served ministries, particularly at Promise Primary. We finished enclosing the compound in a fence for security, drilled a water well last month, currently constructing two Dormitory Buildings and a large water tank stand. Power will be wired into PPS for the first time after wiring over 1 km from town (in Uganda, you need to pay for the poles and wires). We will work to organize and complete these projects and leave the school with more class and dorm space, power, lights, and running treated water. The community will also have clean water access. There are a number of other projects at Child Redeemed Mission Home as well as just enjoying visiting those little Humans. As an engineer working in missions….this is really fun! Imagine the switch flip that ends darkness at night, and the valve turn that ends hours of work for dirty water. We will be the lucky ones to see that but give thanks to all who have supported MSM and praise to God!

Please pray for our provisions (these projects are costly) and for good weather (too much rain will be a problem).

Here are some current status photos…. Girls and Boys Dorms under construction.

Water well and tank stand with chlorinator under construction.

Power being installed at PPS…

Mission Trip 37 – Kitale, Kenya. Update 1

Currently Team 37…. Tony, Eldon, Phyllis, Sherry, Raymond, and Pete are visiting the Lord Servants Home in Kitale, Kenya for over a week and serving the resident children, the Bridgeway Hope Academy Primary School, several affiliated churches, and the community of Lyavo. There are repairs being made to the facilities, sewing, Children’s Bible, and Pastor’s classes being taught. All High School and older children are being visited and accessed regarding how we can help get them started into a productive and independent adulthood. Community projects were initiated to upgrade a well with a hand pump at a school, repair a bridge, and replace one that was washed away during the historic flooding this past year.

Most importantly on these trips, we pray to be used by the Holy Spirit and that usually comes in an unexpected form. Unfortunately a young boy named Amos from the 8th grade at the Academy and a resident at the Lord’s Servants Home, fell sick, was taken to the hospital, and passed away in the first few days of the trip. Incredibly sad as this is…. God’s timing is perfect, Tony and the team where there at this specific time. They are there for the family, teachers, fellow students, and staff to help and pray for God’s peace in this time. Please join us in prayer.

Amos. Too soon.

Ray, Pete, Sherry, Phyllis, Eldon, and Tony.

Christmas Blessings for the Kids

The Mission Servants Ministry Christmas tradition is to have a special love offering for the kids in our homes, and for the guardian families for our older sponsored kids from Lord’s Servants Home in Kenya and Child Redeemed Mission Home in Uganda. All of the MSM sponsored kids that are living at the homes, living with guardians or at school, and are in college were reached with a Christmas gift of clothes and/or food…and chickens, or small cash. The idea is to bless the kids as well as the guardians and extended families that are also helping them. Merry Christmas all that have loved and prayed for these kids and MSM. We love you and pray for God’s peace for you.

Lord’s Servants Home-Kenya

Child Redeemed Mission Home – Uganda

Sharing-work Needs many Hearts…

A few years ago when I was changing careers from Business Owner to focusing as a Volunteer Director of Mission Servants Ministry, I chose as my centering Bible verse, Hebrews 13:15-16 15 Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name. 16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. Best move ever.

MSM has been blessed since 2007 to do that (Sharing) with orphans, widows, sick, disaster struck, and poor as well as schools and medical operations. I’ve realized that “Share with others” doesn’t only mean blessings of funds and services to the needy, but also “Share with others” the opportunity to be a blessing. I’m going to do that now with a list of projects and needs on the current plate of MSM that will make a loving impact to the needy children and people we serve in Uganda and Kenya in the next several months. These are all the same sort of things that we have been doing for the last 15 years and funded purely by donations from individuals lead to “Share”. If any of these projects touches your heart and you would love to “Share with us” please follow the links or methods to donate at the end. Money is an incredible tool that we know how to use efficiently. 100% of donations will go to these efforts directly. Thank you for praying about this and to those that have joined with us to date.

Current MSM Projects and Needs

Requirements, fees, clothing, bedding, etc…to bring 6 new vulnerable kids from the Kamuli district into the Child Redeemed Mission (CRM) Home in January.

Expanding work with our older sponsored children from the CRM home in Uganda and Lord’s Servants Home (LSH) in Kenya to assist them to obtain higher education, skill training, or start small businesses so they can be productive adults.

Assist the Kasolwe Medical Clinic (small village clinic) to obtain relatively basic equipment like microscope, and sterilization equipment, to serve the village as well as establish a service for the kids at the CRM Home.

Rebuild a community well in Liyavo district, Kenya and install a hand pump to provide a safe and sanitary source of water. There are several projects like this being requested of MSM. We funded 8 such projects in 2021 and 2022.

Footbridge construction to replace a wooden structure washed away in this years flooding. Three such projects have been completed since 2018.

Purchase 1.15 acres of land offered by a bordering neighbor of CRM Home to serve as garden and animal support property for the children to learn those skills.

Complete the gate, guard house, and fence around the Promise Primary School (PPS) property that was 90% completed in 2022.

Build a dorm building at PPS to house 75 boys and 75 girls which will open up two classrooms that are currently being used for dorms. PPS has rapidly grown to capacity of 550 children due to it’s superior performance and God’s grace.

A solar or grid power solution for PPS to allow the installation of security lights, building lights, and a water pump with a chlorination system. All for the goodwill and safety of the kids and staff.

Church partner projects to build and repair homes for widows or extremely needy families with young children. Six such projects have been completed since 2018.

Repair the fence at CRM Home and relocate the gate, guard house, and playground away from planned road construction access.

Many other smaller projects to maintain the facilities at the CRM and LSH homes as well as cover operating cost and raising of the resident children.

How to Help…

All of these projects can be started immediately and many are simply waiting for God’s provisions of funding. Donations can be made by Paypal, bank transfer, stock transfer, or least cost method by check mailed to Mission Servants Ministry, 4550 Lochfoot Dr., Charlotte, NC 28278. Please contact me with any questions at 704-576-4646 or or learn more about MSM at or Mission Servants Ministry on Facebook.