CRM Home Staff

Be introduced to the Godly and loving staff at The Child Redeemed Mission Home.

Left to right, rear, Emma – Director, Daniel – Guard, Peter – Pastor, Gorretti – Social Worker, Noel – Social Worker, Abdu – Guard, Prossy – Caretaker/Cook (Not shown), Beatrice – Caretaker/Cook (Not shown)
Director Manuel (Emma) Ssengoba joined the staff in 2015 as Social Worker, assumed a role as Acting-Director in May, 2017, and was promoted to Director in July.  Emma is a degreed Social Worker and Minister and is from the area near Child Redeemed Mission Home.  His father is a long time and current Pastor of his church and has started the Rock View Primary School in Kusolwe.  Emma has a heart for children and has a great testimony for how God lead him to this work and calling.  He is also the Co-Pastor for the Bwase Redeemed Church that meets at the CRM Home and ministers to the children.