CRM-Uganda Children needing Sponsors.

INDIVIDUAL CHILD SPONSORSHIPS:  Sponsors of a child not only help us provide a safe home, care, and education but equally as important, they are someone special that the kids know are praying for and loving them from a distance. Some sponsors send packages, some email and communicate through Pastor Moses, our Director. Photos, updates, and school information are communicated as possible. We promote communication and hope that the relationship available through sponsorship is personal and rewarding both ways.  There is only one Sponsor family per child.  Sponsors make an impact!!

Please pray about becoming a sponsor and contact us.  A sponsorship of an individual is $50.00 per month. They all are learning English and enjoy writing. 100% of your funds will be applied to orphanage expenses. Sponsorships cover approximately 2/3 of regular living, school, medical, and clothing costs of the children.


HIGH SCHOOL AND YOUNG ADULT SUPLIMENTAL SPONSORSHIP:  Our goal is for each child to reach their potential and enter adulthood productively and with a chance to succeed, thrive, and contribute to the solution to their country’s issues.  Reaching High School is a challenge and not guaranteed as in the US.  A child must test into it and the better the test score, the better the school.  Another option is Polytechnic training in a trade such as mechanics.  These opportunities are costly and sadly out of reach for many people.  Depending on the situation, MSM partly or completely funds the expenses of our young adults in High School, Polytechnic Training, and University (where warranted).  Your donation marked Young Adult Fund will help us with this important work.

Here are some of the kids that we are proud of that have earned their way to High School or other training programs as of January 2015…

Resty…photo coming.