Prayer Requests


The many people sick with HIV/AIDS and other diseases, the many orphans, the many people who have to do unhealthy things to survive, the many depressed and hopeless, the many hungry, the many lacking proper shelter, the many lacking clean water and sanitation, the many lacking an opportunity for an education, the many who struggle with faith, and for the many who do not know Jesus as their savior.

The Governments of Kenya and Uganda, that they fight corruption, self-serving policies, and focus on a political agenda that is preventing improvements and real help and efforts from reaching the people.

Clear definition of God’s will for us on upcoming trips and projects and direction. That our minds are open to the directions that God wills. That our hearts are open and receptive to opportunities to share about and represent the love of Jesus. That the enemy can not distract us.  That we never step ahead of God but always follow.  Our daily provisions to continue this work.

Our children to come to know Jesus Christ as their savior and to know the blessing of a life lived within God’s will for it.  The children that God intends to live in our home that we have not met yet.  Most importantly that our children, because they know Jesus become part of the solution for Africa’s issues.

That God will do huge and awesome things in the lives of all people we touch as we continue to live out this experience with Him.

Click here for our most timely prayer requests.

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