Welcome Doreen!

We welcome a new child to our LSH family.  Doreen and several others need sponsor families.  Please check out them all here.

Doreen Kahai Wafula is in  grade  1  and  was  born  in 2007.   She’s  one  of  the  four  kids  in  the  family  of  the  late  Mr. Wafula  who  was  an  electrician  who  died  after  a  short  illness.  The  other  3  kids  are  boys  one  of  whom  is  taken  care  of  by  the Deliverance  Church  in  Kitale. This was  a  case   brought to us through  the  local Chief as the Mother is unable to support the family.

Doreen Kahai Wafula, DOB 2007

Doreen Kahai Wafula, DOB 2007