Trip to LSH and SOH – August, 2013

Greg Perkins, frequent visitor, and the Thomas family, Dr Randall, his wife Cheryl, and daughter Susan, and I will leave on August 1st and return on August 17th.  We will all go to Kitale, Kenya and stay at the Lord’s Servants Home.  The children will be out of school on break during this time.  Cheryl and Susan will have lots of opportunity to love on and do activities with the kids and community.  Randall is an eye doctor and will use his skills among the children and community who likely have never had their eyes cared for.  We also have several projects planned around the home as well as work to prepare the new Lord’s Servants Academy for opening in September.

Greg, Randall, and I plan to take 3 days and travel to Uganda, visiting the Stream of Hope Home.  The kids will be out of school as well and we plan eye, teeth, and basic health checks.  Several facilities and operational improvements should be under way at this new orphanage and we will help facilitate them and plan for the next 6 months.

Of course our primary goal is to encourage the Pastors and Children and share the love of Jesus Christ in a real and practical way.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for wisdom, stamina, and provisions as we prepare.  Thank you!