Pushing Back the Darkness…SOH Uganda Update #3 Tables and shelving

Comforts of a Home bring a sense of value to a child.  We can’t imagine sitting in the dirt to eat, play, and study.  I saw something come over the children’s eyes when I watched them have their first meal at the new tables…I think it was a contented “I’m Home!” look that I get when I have been away from my home for a while on business or something stressful and have just returned.

So far I’ve shown the Electric Light project and the Water Well project that we complete on our August trip but providing tables and shelves for the home touched my heart the most.


This is the first time eating at a table in the home. We made 5 of them.


The boys loved helping us and did much of the sawing and drilling.


Shelves that we made helped declutter the small home.


…and get the food up off the floor.