Team Hillebrand on the way to Uganda

Kathy and I are in route to the Stream of Hope home and will meet up with the team coming from Kenya on Saturday.
The 13 people at The Lord’s Servants Home are doing well with the projects and work that we planned. Many of them did battle illness though the week but are all well today. Several bags were also lost for 5 days, hampering progress and spirits. All is good now.
They have implemented lights, plumbing, and cabinetry in the new Guest House, harvested honey, spent a lot of time with the kids, and worked out organizational changes and needed procedures with pastor Moses and the board members.
The 13 team members in Kenya moved over 1500 pounds of goods from the US. Kathy and I have roughly 300 pounds ourselves which include Bibles, books, solar lighting supplies, tools, and child gifts.
Thank you for your continued prayers. I’ll post more when I can.