Trip #16 to Kenya and Uganda today.

A large team of 13 people including a Royal Canadian Mounted Policewoman, a couple from Iowa, and several from Charlotte, NC will meet first at the Lord’s Servants Home in Kenya and then Stream of Hope Home in Uganda.  This is Mission Servants Ministry’s largest and one of the most ambitious trips yet.

Half of the team will be focused on LSH and will host a 3 day Medical Clinic at the new LSA school building to serve an expected 500+ people from the community.  They also plan to build a bridge for the community over a muddy place on a main path, run water to the school, several smaller projects, and deliver a multi session Bible and craft class to the entire population of the LSA school, 120+ kids.

The team at SOH in Uganda will finish and open the new kitchen, build a playground shelter, install a generator to the well to improve water supply, and many smaller projects and activities for the kids.

The total trip will span the next 3 weeks except for one team member who will remain and serve for another month.  We will be bringing updates.  Please join us in praying for these people for safety, health, guidance, and opportunities to share Christ’s love.


Diana and her Christmas meal of chicken, chipati, potatoes, pasta, and soft drink.