God Rescued the SOH Children – 3

God Rescued the Stream of Hope, Uganda Children.   He did it 4 years ago and again last week! Part 3.  Continuing updates of the Child Redeemed Mission Home (Formerly SOH) in Uganda following the dismissal of the Director.

As I said…Taking care of 40+ Children in a Third World country is not a simple or hands off ministry.  It is a hard and messy mission.  This is a call to stronger faith, love, and resolve, not a reason to give up.  The kids of Child Redeemed Mission have a new start and are not giving up.

There are those that say…

  • Mission Servants Ministry is too small to be effective in a Third World Country
  • Africa is too corrupt to help.
  • This always happens in Africa.
  • Quit trying to help Africa and focus on the US.

They did not say it when God provided through us and we….

  • Took over a small underfunded home of 23 kids and built it into one of the best facilities for many miles and housing 60 kids.
  • Built an 8 room school, ensuring quality education for the community.
  • Served nearly 1000 in the communities with medical help.
  • Built from scratch in 3 years, one of the best facilities in Uganda and house 40 kids.
  • Have seen Children graduating from High School and people coming to know Jesus.

What God’s word says…..

  • Psalm 27….Wait on the Lord. The Lord is our salvation.  Wait on the Lord.
  • Psalm 26….We are ready to be used and tested because we are in Jesus Christ.
  • Psalm 25….God will guide and protect us.

What is being said by those affected… No quit in any of them!

  • Community….”Thank you for coming back and handling this…we were all so upset.”
  • Neighbors…”We have watched you Mzungus work for our children for years…we want to volunteer and help now”
  • Government…”We will deal with this man….it is not our way to let good things fail because of one man”
  • Teacher…”You have inspired us much because you passed the test and did not quit”
  • Workers…”Thank you for not leaving us”
  • Children….no words necessary!

The mission statement of MSM and our conviction is still strong.  We honor God with all we do, we serve and protect Children so they can grow into what God intended for them to be, and we protect our testimony and goal to be a witness to the love of Christ Jesus to the world.  The work being done for the children will continue.  I firmly believe that God has shown Himself to be fully in control and faithful.  He rescued the children at CRM and answered their prayers.  Mission Servants will continue to honor His call to stand with these kids.  Thank you for your support and prayers.  Please contact me with questions you may have.

Bob Hillebrand – Director, Mission Servants Ministry