Too soon, Alex!

Alex Wakasa, 19, left us in this life and his 40 Brothers and Sisters at Child Redeemed Home in Uganda a few days ago.  He fell sick after we left our visit at the home in early June, went in the hospital, and slipped away over the next two weeks.  As is unfortunately not uncommon, it is not known what was wrong with him.

Alex was a very pleasant young man.  He struggled as an orphan with poor relatives and consequently because he wasn’t in school early in life.  He joined the home in 2014 at age 16 and entered the 4th grade.  Alex tried Trade School after that then spent about a year on the streets running from a youthful mistake.  He came back to the home about 4 months ago in a weak state but was welcomed and very grateful.  We had made plans with him to join Motorbike Taxi (Boda Boda) School and buy a motorcycle for him to earn a living.  He was really excited about that.


Photo of Alex taken while on a hike with us to climb a rocky outcrop about 2 miles from the home.  It was a really good day.


Alex was buried at a home of a relative yesterday and is missed by his Brothers and Sisters at CRM and relatives, and mourned by us as a life too short.  Sickness and a harsh life is a hard reality in Uganda.  We praise God for our knowing Alex for the time we did and pray for the CRM children and staff to have peace and comfort.