Merry Christmas, Peace and Love!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Mission Servants Ministry and the children at Child Redeemed Mission Home in Uganda!  Thank you to the Foster Class at Hickory Grove Baptist for funding the Christmas celebration and allowing these kids to know they are loved and valued.  Everyone got a new outfit and best of all, they were taken to town to pick out their own clothes.  Ice cream, a roasted goat for dinner, and a few sweets, balls, and books make their celebration.  The kids at CRM know what they are celebrating when they receive gifts, a reminder that they are loved so much by God that Jesus came for us, purely as a gift of Grace.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, support, and encouragement.  May God bless your Christmas and New Year.

Bob and Kathy Hillebrand, Greg Perkins, and Diane Zoppa…MSM Board of Directors