Trip 25 – Kenya, Update 2

LSH Update two, from Tony

Wow what a fantastic day.  Things clicked along as planned and we had very few complications. What a surprise to be turning the water back on at about 2:00. All that and not one leak. The only real struggle was getting the metal under the tank. Chlorinator seems to work as advertised and we now have drinkable water in faucets. Ed and Charles were the hero’s of the day with the kids as they finished up the swing set and the kids lined up for their chance to use them. Other items completed today were the ceiling vent fan in the cook house, a new well cover, a light in the preschool room, a security flood light to light up the latrine behind kitchen, and see saws repaired and a protective box built over some vulnerable pipe by the water tower.

When we saw that our progress was going so well we ordered some new lumber from the lumber yard so Dad can work on more benches for the school. Ten, eight foot boards were delivered by boda boda this afternoon and will soon be converted. Into school benches.

Ken, Pastor ken, and Ronnie the electrician have been working like troopers helping us out. Kens wife Judy has been providing meals and keeping us well fed.

We were all really tired at the end of the day and are really going to enjoy that warm shower tonight. The next two days will be mostly just tying up loose ends.

Please continue to pray for us. We appreciate your support so very much. The Lord has blessed us at every turn on this trip and we are just so thankful.

Bobby, Charles, Eldon, Ed and Tony