New Buildings for Rock View Primary

Most of the classes may not be operating this year but efforts to prepare for a large education demand in 2021 continues. It is anticipated that many private schools will not be able to reopen due to the Covid economic hardship. Government and surviving private schools are planning to reopen in January 2021 and resume the interrupted school year from March 2020 as Term 2 (of 3 total).

Two projects were put in motion at Rock View Primary School. A new latrine and a new 5 room class building. This adds capacity to cover the growing number of kids and full N-7 classes.

The latrine is complete….

The 5 Room Class Building project is a joint project and primarily funded by the Love Exchange United mission which is focused on education in the Kuslwe, Uganda community. It will be complete and ready for the start of school in January. We are also going to add windows and doors and brick work to the 2 room building built last year.

Previous capital projects by MSM at this school include assisting on the 2 Room Class Building, assisting on finishing a girls dorm building, and building a playground.

Thanks to technology allowing rapid communication, sharing of photos, and reliable and inexpensive transfer of funds, we are able to continue the mission on our hearts….Helping kids to grow up safe, be educated, learn about the love of Jesus Christ, and be part of the solution to their community’s problems. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Bob and the Mission Servants Team

Fall 2020 Update of Kenyan and Ugandan Child Missions

Top Primary and High School classes in Uganda and College classes in Kenya and Uganda have in fact opened as planned in October. Much of the College classes are on-line. The Primary 7 and Secondary 4 classes in Uganda are open to allow the students to complete their studies and test for the next level. Over 10 older kids in Uganda and Kenya have been accepted to and begun College studies beyond High School. They are in studies ranging from nursing to IT. The kids and their extended families partner in this with MSM and provide laptops, upkeep, and supplies as they can. Many kids have student loans.

Pandemic safety is a challenge that the kids and schools that MSM supports are embracing and have been prepared for. Temperature testing equipment, hand washing stations, and distancing procedures are in place at the schools and homes and have been approved by the government.

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The kids are excited. These are some from Child Redeemed Mission Home (CRM) that are attending Promise Primary (PP).

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P7 class is open at Rock View Primary (RVP).

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MSM has funded the current construction of a new latrine and will be assisting Love Exchange United (LEU) in constructing a new multi room class building this fall at RVP.

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All is well otherwise at the missions. I often get requests from kids and others there to pass on their greetings and prayers to us in the US for protection from COVID struggles. They are very sweet! Thank you all for your support and prayers. God be praised and honored always!

Update 4 about Kenyan and Ugandan Child Missions under Covid19.

Since my last post in June, all plans to open schools have been delayed. Last week Ugandan President Museveni announced plans for limited openings in October for those students in grades that are transitions to higher levels such as the last year of Primary School and High School. Also churches can open with reduced capacity. Roughly 15 kids from Child Redeemed Mission Home (CRM) are excited to get back to school.

The Bwase Redeemed Church partnered with MSM to build a home for a family that lost the mother during childbirth. Twins were born and are doing well and about 3 months old. This family is related to one of the older CRM kids, Julius and cares for him out of school. They are doing a great job.

Most of the children from CRM are living there and receiving some tutoring and refresher lessons from the idled teachers from Promise Primary. Everyone seems happy being productive.

The children at Lord’s Servants Home in Kenya have been placed with extended family guardians and are awaiting school to reopen in January. Most colleges and Universities have opened in September and a number of our sponsored children are college students. Sharon is starting a Business degree program, Fidelis in Engineering, and Bridget in Teaching, while Ken and Mika are continuing in Nursing and IT respectively. Brian just finished truck driving school and is employed. MSM is blessed to help these kids reach their potential in a fulfilling career.

President Museveni also announced that the Airport will open to international tourists (not mission workers yet). I am hoping we can make a mission trip in January.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. The Covid shutdowns are very difficult for the general Ugandans and Kenyans. Many are struggling to survive without work and services.

New Kitchen for Promise Primary School

Before COVID19, Promise Primary was growing rapidly, filling all nursery and primary classes with over 300 students and expecting nearly 50 boarding students for the higher grades.  The original kitchen where morning porridge, lunch, and teachers food consisted of a simple sheet metal shelter and a pot suspended on 3 rocks over a fire.  The food and grain stores were in rooms in the office.  Rainy and windy weather was a real challenge.  Bless the cooking staff for keeping up under those conditions.  The pandemic shut down allowed time for a solution however.

Besides necessity, upgrading the kitchen was a pending requirement of the school registration process.  Therefore, a 15′ by 30′, 4 room building was built which features a large well ventilated and lit cooking area, a food pantry, a room for maize and bean bulk storage, a cooks residence room, and 45′ of covered veranda for kids and firewood to stay out of the rain.  Three large wood burning efficient cooking stoves were installed.  The cooking staff will be ready when school is allowed to open.

Here is the old kitchen….


This project was completed for under $10,000.  School Director Noah put in a lot of hands on work and management to insure cost efficiency.  Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Update 3 about Kenyan and Ugandan Child Missions under Covid19.

A month ago I reported that the plan was for schools to open on a limited basis on June 2nd.  Not only did that not happen but a new plan has not been established.  Schools, both government and private have been ordered to continue to pay teachers.  I would expect many private schools to fail and close.  Promise Primary, being sponsored by Mission Servants Ministry has been able to pay the teachers and use the store of maize grain that was intended for Term I for needy families and teachers in the area.

The economy however is hit hard in Africa and the poor are struggling in a big way.  There is no ability to work during shut down and no government assistance.  People are without food and in trouble.  The good news remains that the number of reported cases of COVID19 and deaths are not high in Kenya and very low in Uganda.  Uganda still claims zero deaths.  Of course we can’t plan our usual July/August trip to visit the homes due to the pandemic.  Our prayers are for a January trip to be possible.

The kids that are stationed with extended family during shut down are visited and needs addressed.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-09 at 11.38.45 PM

Usually food is left with them.  Roughly 15 kids are staying at the CRM home since it is safest for them, many of them enjoy learning craft skills while on shut down….

We did take advantage of most of the kids being away to upgrade the cooking stoves.  The old stoves were cracked, had broken parts, hot, inefficient with wood, smoked a lot, and were too large.  We replaced them with 4 smaller units with precision fitting pots and an outside grill.

Look for another update in July.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.