Update 3 about Kenyan and Ugandan Child Missions under Covid19.

A month ago I reported that the plan was for schools to open on a limited basis on June 2nd.  Not only did that not happen but a new plan has not been established.  Schools, both government and private have been ordered to continue to pay teachers.  I would expect many private schools to fail and close.  Promise Primary, being sponsored by Mission Servants Ministry has been able to pay the teachers and use the store of maize grain that was intended for Term I for needy families and teachers in the area.

The economy however is hit hard in Africa and the poor are struggling in a big way.  There is no ability to work during shut down and no government assistance.  People are without food and in trouble.  The good news remains that the number of reported cases of COVID19 and deaths are not high in Kenya and very low in Uganda.  Uganda still claims zero deaths.  Of course we can’t plan our usual July/August trip to visit the homes due to the pandemic.  Our prayers are for a January trip to be possible.

The kids that are stationed with extended family during shut down are visited and needs addressed.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-09 at 11.38.45 PM

Usually food is left with them.  Roughly 15 kids are staying at the CRM home since it is safest for them, many of them enjoy learning craft skills while on shut down….

We did take advantage of most of the kids being away to upgrade the cooking stoves.  The old stoves were cracked, had broken parts, hot, inefficient with wood, smoked a lot, and were too large.  We replaced them with 4 smaller units with precision fitting pots and an outside grill.

Look for another update in July.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


Happy News for Emma and Gorreti….

….As well as for the kids at Child Redeemed Mission Home in Uganda and for all of us at Mission Servants Ministry.  Emma and Gorreti plan to be married on July 18, 2020.  They have worked together at CRM for over 5 years and have known each other many years before that as Christian friends.  Emma is the Director of CRM and Gorreti one of the CRM Social Workers.  Late in 2019 God put on their hearts that were meant to court and marry.  Emma has an awesome story how God communicated this to them.

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Emma and Gorreti are two incredibly loving and kind people with a huge heart for the Lord.  The mission of CRM and the Bwase Redeemed Church, home church of the CRM community where Emma is Co-Pastor has been their work and passion.  I could not be happier for them and know that God had paired two incredible people together for His purpose.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-06 at 10.16.16 AM edit

Last year MSM decided to build a small house that would be used for the Director of CRM and family.  Previously, all workers either lived locally or took a room in one of the children’s dorms.  Because of the fairly remote location of CRM, the odds that the future Director of CRM would have a family, the desire to be able to hire excellent management staff, and the regulations to limit adults rooming in the same dorm as children, we felt the building of a dedication house near the dorms would be best.  The house below is 100′ from the dorms and was completed in May for less than $9,000.  I am so happy that Emma and Gorreti can be the first to make it a home and that they will be continuing to serve at CRM.  Please keep them in your prayers.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-03 at 5.25.19 AM

Emma and Gorreti are funding the cost of their wedding.  If you would like to forward a gift to help them with that and to get started in life together, a monetary donation (indicated so) to MSM will be passed directly to them.  Thank you.

Update 2 about Kenyan and Ugandan Child Missions under Covid19.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the Children’s ministries in Kenya and Uganda supported by MSM.

Earlier this week the President of Uganda updated the Covid19 plan in effect.  The widespread shutdown of transportation, borders, churches, schools, and other gatherings is still in place.  The major change is for schools to open on a limited basis on June 2nd.  The limitation is lifted only for the last year of Primary (Elementary) and the last year of High School.  This affects some of the kids at Child Redeemed Mission Home.  The plan is to bring these kids back to residence at CRM and leave the balance yet with extended family.

The welfare of the kids that are staying outside of CRM is a matter of focus and concern for the staff.  In several cases, food supplies are given to the families hosting the kids.  All children are contacted regularly by the CRM social workers.  This period is a real struggle for the community.  Food is scarcer and more costly and the ability to obtain other goods and services are difficult.  The good news is that the number of confirmed Covid19 cases in Uganda are very low.

The kids at CRM are doing great.  They are able to study, read, make music, and garden. Many have learned and practiced crafts such as knitting and sewing…..

…and have helped in a recent project to build a new firewood storage shelter.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-17 at 8.06.14 AM

Promise Primary School in Kamuli, Uganda, sponsored by MSM, has been taking advantage of the shutdown to work on the school grounds and buildings.  Repairing storm and termite damage for instance.   A major project to build a new kitchen has been moving forward and nearing completion to be available when school resumes.  I will have a separate post about this soon.


Update about Kenyan and Ugandan Child Missions under Covid19 Threat.

Nearly every corner of the world changed dramatically in early 2020 with the rapid spread of Covid19.  Most countries have responded with travel restrictions, shut downs, and quarantines.  East Africa did as well.  The regions around the children missions funded by MSM are a world of centralized (roadside and trading center) commerce, public transportation, no freezers or refrigeration, often barter commerce, large schools, few government support/welfare programs, and very very few hospitals and medical facilities.

Where many of us enjoy personal vehicles, ability to work at home, on-line schooling, Amazon delivery, government assistance (stimulus checks, unemployment, SBA loans, etc.) and food pick-up options.  People in rural areas of Africa are experiencing food shortages and high prices and lack of work and commerce.

Here are specific updates on the children that are MSM sponsored, funded, educated, and cared for at Child Redeemed Mission Home, Promise Primary School, Rock View Primary School, Lord’s Servants Home, and Bridgeway Hope Academy.  Following government rules:

  • The schools have been closed beginning in the end of March which includes PP, RVPS, BHA and all High Schools the kids attend.
  • Teachers salaries have been reduced but supported as much as possible.
  • The churches at LSH and CRM have suspended worship.
  • The children at LSH have all been able to be placed in homes of extended families.
  • All but 12 of high risk children at CRM have been placed in homes of extended families.
  • Shut down and shut in rules will remain in effect until at least May 5 when updates are expected.  Schools have tentative plans to reopen in June.

This situation is a serious cause for struggling in an already day to day existence for most people.  I have simplified things quite a bit and our prayers are needed.  I do find it interesting to think that we are all in the same STORM.  However, we are not all in the same boat.  May God have mercy on those of us affected most harshly.

On the positive side, several projects that were funded and begun in February have able to be completed or nearly so.  Updates on these to follow.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  Here are a group of the 12 from CRM and a song they made up during quarantine to praise Jesus.