Trip 17, Update 4 Teso

After 10 days at Stream of Hope Home we traveled to Kenya and spent 2 nights with a ministry evangelizing the Teso people….a people group along the Ugandan border that is unreached in some areas and under reached in most.  Sweet people.

We left 30 audio Bibles in the Ateso language and 2 solar powered projectors with the Jesus Film in Ateso, donated by Campus Crusade for Christ, to allow this group of church planters to show the Jesus Film and start Bible study cells in remote areas.

We encouraged them at one of their churches….the shade under a big mango tree…my kind of church then showed the Jesus Film to two groups.

The Asinge group of believers

The Asinge group of believers

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Trip 16, Update 4, Eyeglasses and Projects

Today was Reading Glass ministry day.  The team organized a way to fit 242 people with the proper strength reading glasses.  It is such an easy way to make a big impact on people….restoring their ability to read for just $1 and some time.  Most of these glasses were donated by the kind people at


Julia Adhiambo.  Age 41.  I can now read books and my Bible much better.



Emanual Emusolo.  Age 56.  I am a teacher.  These glasses will help me a great deal in teaching and studying.  I have a hard time reading in dim light.  I like to read my Bible and this will be a big help.


Eldon, Tony, Ed and their helpers completed a project to run water to the LSA school for drinking and hand washing.  A drinking fountain was made.  Tables and cabinets for the school as well.

And some cool chairs by Eldon and Phyllis Yoder.

Trip 16, Update 3, LSH

Day 3 of the Liavo Medical Mission Clinic was completed with the largest number of people served yet, 330.  The 3 day totals are 660 patients seen, 156 cases of Malaria treated, 55 tooth extractions, and the rest of the people were seen with Pneumonia and other general ailments.  The project took 5 paid Kenyan medical professionals, 15 volunteers from the local church, a large amount of medicine and tests, some brought from the US and some purchased in Kenya, planning by MSM’s Tony Yoder and LSH’s Dr. Ben, the MSM team on the ground, and only roughly $4,000 to bless and relieve pain in over 600 people.  Praise God!


Tony and pastor Ken of the Liavo Bible church are sharing with the church volunteers the significance of how they joined in with Jesus’ work, loving and caring for the needy and suffering….the Gospel in action.  This helps the church be relevant to the community when they next share the good news of God’s plan of love and redemption.



Concurrently many of the team have been presenting a Bible program to the 130 students at the Lord’s Servants Academy on the Armor of God.  They are using puppets, crafts, and skits and everyone is really enjoying it.


Trip 16, Kenya and Uganda, Update 2, Medical Outreach for Liavo

Today was day 1 of a planned 3 day medical outreach for the Liavo community that surrounds the Lord’s Servants Home (LSH) orphanage.  15 members of the Liavo Bible Church (LBC) volunteered and 2 local doctors joined our Dr. Ben in serving.  Screening for Malaria and other illnesses were performed on 130 people.  Medicine and encouragement was provided, much of it brought from the US and the rest locally.  A larger number is expected tomorrow and Wednesday.  We will fit and distribute reading glasses on Thursday.  We hope to show the community that we care about them… as evidence that God does also.


Dr. Ben

On our way Home. Blessed Trip.

We’ve completed our work in Kenya and Uganda and are on our way home.  We are in Nairobi now and leave tonight for Brussels then Sunday for the USA.  It’s been a good trip and we are all feeling that God blessed us by putting us in position to impact people.

Besides our project work and efforts with the children at the Orphanages, School, and Churches which all went well, Dr. Randall and assistants Cheryl and Greg screened a few hundred people for eye health and blood pressure, correcting issues with reading glasses and advice and referring them to sources of help.  Randall helped me pull teeth from 6 people in Uganda that were in severe pain, and I even was in the right place to take 2 people to the hospital who just had a motorcycle-automobile accident in Kitale.

God is Good.  Thank you for your prayers!  I look forward to updating everyone better when I get back next week.