Trip 33 to Kenya and Trip 34 to Uganda

God willing this Wednesday, 19 January a team of 4 leave for a 11 day trip to Kitale, Kenya to visit the Lord’s Servants Childrens Home and School supported by MSM. They have repair projects, furniture building, older children to visit, and Bible training planned.

On January 26, a team of 5 including me will leave for a 16 day trip to Bwase, Uganda to visit the Child Redeemed Mission Children’s Home and 2 Schools that MSM supports. We have many repair projects, school desk building, evangelism training, children projects, and planning for the future to accomplish. We are excited to meet 10 new children that have recently joined the CRM Home.

Please pray for all of us to remain Covid free and otherwise healthy so we can serve as we hope, that all the crazy logistics in these Covid-times happen smoothly, our families to remain safe, and for Christ to be glorified in all we do.

Let the packing begin…..updates will come. Thank you for your prayers and support.

New Buildings for Rock View Primary

Most of the classes may not be operating this year but efforts to prepare for a large education demand in 2021 continues. It is anticipated that many private schools will not be able to reopen due to the Covid economic hardship. Government and surviving private schools are planning to reopen in January 2021 and resume the interrupted school year from March 2020 as Term 2 (of 3 total).

Two projects were put in motion at Rock View Primary School. A new latrine and a new 5 room class building. This adds capacity to cover the growing number of kids and full N-7 classes.

The latrine is complete….

The 5 Room Class Building project is a joint project and primarily funded by the Love Exchange United mission which is focused on education in the Kuslwe, Uganda community. It will be complete and ready for the start of school in January. We are also going to add windows and doors and brick work to the 2 room building built last year.

Previous capital projects by MSM at this school include assisting on the 2 Room Class Building, assisting on finishing a girls dorm building, and building a playground.

Thanks to technology allowing rapid communication, sharing of photos, and reliable and inexpensive transfer of funds, we are able to continue the mission on our hearts….Helping kids to grow up safe, be educated, learn about the love of Jesus Christ, and be part of the solution to their community’s problems. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Bob and the Mission Servants Team