Back from Kenya

The first group of us has been to Kenya and returned home.  We had a great time with the kids, caretakers, and church members and really hated to leave.  It was a heavy rainy season weather pattern even though it should have ended weeks ago and it provided some challenges but we met our primary goals of leaving everyone feeling loved and encouraged.   Except for a few minor scrapes and stomach stresses, we all were well and serving contentedly.  We also loved representing so many people back home, from the ladies of Hickory Grove Baptist Church that made dresses, shorts, dolls, bookmarks, and bracelets, the ladies from Dresses for Orphans for their shirts and dresses, our friends who collected many books and items and underwear, the sponsors and people who sent personalized letters and photos, friends who helped us obtain soccer balls and craft supplies, friends who gave us needed technical support, and all who supported and encouraged us in many ways.  Thank you and Praise God.