2012 Mission Trip Review

Praise God for a safe and mind boggling trip.  As I review what was done, I get more amazed.  I hope this brief summary and photo gallery gives you a good feeling for what happened.  All the glory is God’s!

Our Goals were to…. 

•Make a spiritual impact on the orphanage, community, and supporting ministries
•See major projects completed
•Implement Home improvement projects
•Make a connection with the kids in a way to benefit them long-term
•Discuss future objectives and set direction

 Here is a brief summary of the things that God worked out on our trip….(click on a photo to start a gallery showing)

•12 People including 6 newbies
•Over 5 week span on the ground
•3 Churches given messages
•3 Schools visited
•Over 1000 pounds of stuff brought and left.
•6 Major projects finished
•Many small projects and improvements finished.
 What we brought with us….. 
•Custom Dresses and shorts
•Soccer jerseys and shorts
•Underwear and socks
•Soccer balls
•Swings and tetherballs
•Washboards and wringer equipment
•8 computers and peripherals
•Digital projection equipment
•Digital audio players for Bible groups
•Digital media with Jesus films and Bible
Translated in Swahili and other dialects
•Custom dolls
•CDs and DVDs for kids
•Tools and repair parts
•Candy, treats, toys
•Beekeeping equipment
•Sewing supplies and patterns
•Art and craft supplies
•Mural paints
•Clothes, shoes, towels
•Swahili Bibles
The people doing the hard work are the Pastors (Moses, George, Protus, and Ken), Caretakers (Rose, Bonn,  Caroline, and Eunice), and Social Worker (Dorothy), plus the church members at Liyavo Bible Church, Sarura Bible Church, and Kwanza Bible Church.  We are very grateful for them and pray for their continued energy and dedication.

New Dorm Building Finished

The ground breaking for this project was in mid-February and in less than 6 months we will have completed the move in.  That’s excellent progress anywhere.  This project also includes rainwater collection, extensive rainwater runoff grading and culverts, electrification, security lighting, new beds and furnishings, a walk-under to the dining hall, and concrete aprons completely around both dorms.  The existing dorm building is also being painted and repaired.  This project has improved the proffesional looks to the orphanage immensly.  It was a real blessing to have the funds, timing, and people to make this possible.  Pastor Moses and his team delivered ahead of schedule and to budget.  All of this for $50,000.  Praise God!

This new building already served as an impromptu hostel for about 100 out-of-town guests to Mama Pauline Mudenyo’s funeral a few weeks ago and will now allow the separate quarters for the boys and girls and additional room for 20 more children.  The boys will occupy this building as well as the resident caretakers, and several guest and sick rooms.  All the moves are planned for this coming week.

 Check out more photos here.

Everybody’s home …

All 12 of us that made the trip to The Lord’s Servants home are back in our own homes.  Six of our group made their first mission trip.  All together we had people on the ground for over 5 weeks, we brought and left over 1000 pounds of supplies, we gave messages over 6 weekends to 3 different churches and encouraged schools and other groups.

Trip review details will follow.  Here are a few quotes from Mike and Tom, both who made their first mission trips…

This was the trip of a lifetime for me. Many folks who I talked to before we left told me that the things which I thought to be important on the day I left would not be the things I thought to be important on the day I returned. They were absolutely right. The people in Kenya have given me some insight on many issues I struggle with here in the US. As a general rule, all the people I met had very little by way of worldly goods, but they were way much more happy than many of us who have much by way of worldly goods and possessions. Eunice kept telling me how blessed she and (Pastor) Ken are, and actually asked me what she could do for me because they had so much. I am still reduced to tears by the love and caring demonstrated by the people I met. They have touched my heart in a manner which I did not think was possible. ….. Mike

Pastor George,
Thank you for the note. I can not tell you how much our trip to Kenya has meant to my family and I. We were very humbled by your service and ministries. We would not have traded our trip for anything.
My wife and daughter are already discussing a return trip in 2014. Many of our friends saw our pictures and heard our stories and they too were very humbled and encouraged by how God is using you in a great way…..We will continue to support, encourage, and pray at our church and through the work of Lord’s Servants Home ministry.  May God Richly Bless You!     Tom

Mama Pauline and God’s Timing

Mama Pauline at Kitale Kenya orphanage

Mama Pauline, the matriarch of the Mudenyo family, founders of The Lord’s Ministries, and benefactor of the land that the Lord’s Servants orphanage sits on, went to be with the Lord last week.  I will not be able to do her justice with a brief blog entry but evidence of the influence her life had on others in a good way is plentiful. 

The orphanage and Liyavo Bible Church are on land donated by her family over 30 years ago.  Several of her sons became Pastors and many family members are active in ministry.  She was buried on her family’s land with her husband George, the founder of The Lord’s Ministries, and her celebration was attended by nearly 1500 people.  Mama was involved with and followed the lives of the orphans and often spoke encouragement to me to continue doing what God leads me with them.  She was loved by the community and will be missed.

Mama fought cancer and other health issues much longer than she was expected to and God called her home in His perfect timing.  I had just left Kenya unfortunately when she passed but Greg and his team was still there.  They had just finished the new dorm building but had not moved the children into it yet.  Most of the projects including water collection, grounds clean-up, electrical improvements, and new beds and furniture were also completed.  Everything looked great.  Approximately 100 people who traveled from out-of-town were able to sleep in the new dorm building (although many on the floor) and many others received hospitality.  All the guests passed through the orphanage and they all saw the work that God has been doing in a complete and impressive way.  This included many important people in local government and ministry as well as much of the community.  What great timing…A few weeks earlier or later and things would not have been perfect like it was for the orphanage to be able to serve Mama in her celebration.

Praise God for His blessings on us in the life of Mama Pauline and the work He gives us for the orphans and community.  I pray that many lives were touched and changed by God’s work in Mama’s life and celebration.  I pray that peace and purpose continue in her family and friends.

Guys in Kenya and traveling…

Greg and Spencer Perkins.
Leave the states on 12 July and arrive back on 31 July.
Mike Anderson.
He leaves the states on 16 July and arrives back on 31 July
Bobby Babson.
He leaves the states on 20 July and arrives back on 31 July

We ask God for safe travels, health so they can work, and direction to follow.

We ask for God’s peace for Pastor Ken and his family after their Grandfather passed to The Lord last week.