Mission Trip Goals, July 2012


Major Projects….Our focus has changed a little over the last few months and is listed below.  Funding help for these is a prayer.
1.  Finishing the new dorm and moving kids in is a reality during our visit.  This involves furnishings and details…
        *   Child beds and storage shelves.
        *   Library shelves and tables / chairs.
        *   Computer room desk with new computer and printer and internet connection.
        *   Final details such as water collection and landscaping.
        *   Preparations for bringing 20 more orphans into the home
2.  Water Well.  Project is delayed and being focused more toward a drilled well and larger scale project.  Investigation primarily this trip and planning for future implementation.
3.  Electrification and lighting of the grounds for security.  Electrification of the cooking process.
4.  Set up a bee keeping operation to benefit the farming community and provide honey and training opportunity for the orphanage. 
5.  Playground improvement with new swings, see-saws, slides, and merry-go-round.
Community and Evangelism
1.  On-site projects of community outreach and evangelism.
2.  Empower the church community nursery school.
3.  Provide and use a digital projector, stored media, and time to show Jesus Films and others in outreach support of the Liyavo (orphanage) Church and the Sarura Bible Church as well as others that opportunity is provided.

1.  Establish a computer at the home and a program to introduce the educational opportunities to the children.
2.  Establish a mentor program and micro-business opportunities to the youths.

Sponsor Relationship
1.  Further establish the Sponsorship Program with the kids on an official basis.
2.  An Introduction and communication method established with each child.

1.  Love on the kids and workers and bring the physical blessings we have accumulated, clothes, toys, etc.
2.  Crafts and fun times.
3.  Plan the actions needed for the next year.