LSH Kids school progress 3rd trimester, 2012

We really believe that education is the only way the kids will be part of the solution of Kenya’s problems and have options in their own lives.  Education and prayer is the means to our goals of them arriving at adulthood being prepared to be productive and realize God’s purpose for their lives.

The year-end results can be viewed in the link below.  Many of the kids did really well, some exceptionally.  We are seeing some kids struggle and several needing to repeat grades.  A pattern exists that the kids coming from the government school, Misanga, are not being prepared adequately.  They may do well at Misanga up to the 3rd or 4th grade but struggle after being enrolled at the tougher Seed of Hope School for the higher grades.  We have employed 3 teachers to tutor the kids over Christmas break and will keep working with them.  We also hope to expand the Lord’s Servants Academy to 1st through 3rd grades so that we can prepare our youngest kids better.

All our kids work very hard at school and are thankful to be able to go.

Please check out the progress in the link below.

Children School Performance