Only 147 Million Orphans. 1st Blog from Kenya

I am reading a book called Orphanology by Tony Merida and he states that there are 147 Million children in the world who awaken each day not knowing who will care for them.  As I close my 1st full day at the  Lord’s Servants Home today, I praise God that there could be 147 Million and 56.  The 56 kids at the LSH know that someone is caring for them, values them, and wants them to succeed.  I am blessed to be part of that and out of well over 100 people helping with this ministry, I get to be one of the fortunate few to give a real hug and smile to the kids.

Everything is going very well.  It’s beautiful here and the kids are well.  Greg, Tony, and Terri are doing great.  We have a great start on our projects and we have had a great time with the kids.  Tony and I focused on the playground projects and got two plastic slides, swings, and teatherballs installed.  Big hits.  Greg and Terri have been awesome servants today.  Our water project is moving forward and we have hope of drilling a well this coming week.  We have supplies on hand already for installing an elevated tank and for other projects.  We hooked up the TV and DVD that we sent in the container months ago and the kids are watching Jungle Book now.  Every now and then I hear them cheering for something.  This morning we gave then some “Saturday morning cartoons” just like we all had.

I’m blessed here in Kenya!

PS.  I’ll download some photos tomorrow.