A Shower…what’s next Ice Cream? Post #5

Well it rained hard on us today but we still got a bunch accomplished.

* The well is pumping water now with a temporary pump overnight to flush out and they will be complete tomorrow.  We made arrangements to purchase a pump and chlorinator and install them early next week.  The piping and tank will be ready.  It is amazing that a project of this magnitude can happen within 1 week when it wasn’t expect to even start.  Praise God is all I can say.

* The first shower was taken at the LSH.  We installed an elevated tank and piping.

* The first toilet flush was made at the LSH.  Needs a little work but it flushed.

* 50 Ice Cream headaches occurred simultaneously today at the LSH


We dished out 6 gallons of ice cream. For some, their first.


Belinda and Rose…smiles tell it all.

* Terri did a great job subbing as a Nursery School teacher this week!!!!!


Terri and her kids.

Thanks for your prayers!