Jan. ’14 Trip to Kenya/Uganda – Update #1

This past weekend our team of Greg Perkins. Ed Wiertel, Bobby Babson, and Tony, Terri, Eldon, Phyllis Yoder traveled to the LSH Home in Kitale Kenya.   All are well and hard at work loving the children, sharing with local churches, and working on projects to improve the housekeeping facilities and LSA School.


Eldon Yoder working with Pastor Ken


Some of the 4 gallons of honey harvested from the 4 bee hives at LSH

Yesterday Greg and Ed with Pastor Moses and Dr. Ben from Kitale, traveled to the SOH Home in Uganda.  They are working on immediate needs at the home, assessing the children’s health, and planning for future improvements.  One primary goal is to review several possible sites to purchase for a permanent home site.  Greg reports that they are negotiating with an owner about a piece of property.

We will report more soon.  Please pray for their safety and for God to work mightily through them.