Jan. ’14 Trip to SOH, Uganda – Update #2

Pastor Moses described the group of 7 that traveled to visit as “a strong team” and he was amazed at what they have accomplished in a short time.

Greg, Ed, Pastor Moses, and Dr. Ben visited the SOH Home and returned to the LSH Home safely last night.   The rest of the team stayed at the LSH Home.  Here are a few highlights of the 3 days at the Stream of Hope Home in Uganda.


46 children loved on, given clothing and treats, balls and needed items for the home.


Greg reported that the kids were in great shape, happy and healthy. The best that he has seen them.


Dr. Ben from Kitale (center back row, next to Ed) evaluated all the children, left recommendations as needed, and left medicine and instructions with the caretaker. Several have conditions that require care and one little girl is seriously ill.


Greg, Ed, Pastor Moses, and Pastor Paul are discussing the purchase of a tract of land with the owner and a lawyer. We hope to complete the purchase and begin building a permanent compound for the children like we have at LSH in Kenya.