Trip 18, SOH Uganda, Update 5

I am actually in the long process of returning home.  It was a good trip and we completed all of our target projects.  We made a big impact on the home operationally and security wise.  Here is an outline….

  • installed two additional batteries and new control panels in the main control room and in each building.
  • installed new wiring and lights in all the rooms of the girls dorm.
  • installed 7 motion sensing security lights around the compound.
  • installed lights in the latrines and bath houses.
  • built 10 shelving units.
  • built 5 tables.
  • built roosts in the new chicken coop.
  • installed a new hose system to transfer water to storage tanks.
  • cemented the areas between buildings and created rain water removal ditches all to reduce mud.
  • installed gutters and two storage tank space on the girls dorm to collect rainwater.
  • instaled a hood and electric fan over the cookers in the kitchen.
  • installed 3 cyclone vents in the roof above the kitchen and dining hall to remove heat and smoke.
  • installed new and additional lights in the kitchen.
  • built furniture for the guard shack.
  • finished the roof on the guard shack

I’m forgetting a dozen smaller projects.  We were busy and enjoyed the instant gratification of the improvements being gratefully used.  Praising God for all.

Thank you all for your support and prayers for us.