Trip 18, SOH Uganda, Update 6

Impact summary….we really enjoyed the opportunities to make personal differences in the lives of the kids and community and participate in the efforts of the churches.  We partnered with the Voice of God Church which serves the SOH Home and community and the Teso Church in Torroro.

We saw several people come to accept Jesus as savior.  Last Sunday during service, a woman stood up and the whole church exploded into screams and dancing with joy and excitement.  The woman was a practicing witch whom the church has been praying for and had decided that Christ was her savior and to be born again.

We also saw churches get excited about serving their communities, children being excited about school and their future, the community to see a practical example of the love of Jesus Christ, improved the health of the children and community, and for the children to feel less “Fatherless”.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support that made this possible.  It was everyone that did this….we were the fortunate ones that got to witness it personally.